Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Foto Fix

Jed is going to be such a great father. I can just tell by the way he was with West. :D

I cannot wait until I can have a picture like this with Jed and our baby! (That's a lie. I can wait...)

This is the only picture I got of Eli. And I don't even think I took it... :\

They had some exotic fruit at the farmer's market we went to - like this orange/pear thing.

No comment except "I love my mom." :)

Nana and grandbaby West.

Can you see his super long finger(s)??


Laurel said...

Um, yeah, whose idea was it to post that awkward photo? Take it down!

Jed said...

HAHA you took down laurels pic?

Mama Llama said...

Yeah, my photo is awkward too, Toddy, take it off, take it all off!! Oh man, that didn't sound right at all, sorry. But take the photos of me off. Greasy hair and all. :P

Mama Llama said...

How many chins can be on one woman? I'm counting 3 on myself, geez, I shouldn't post like that EVER again. Shameful.

Mama Llama said...


Laurel said...

Sanks Al, I owe you one. :) And by 'owe you one' I mean that when you have a baby and I decided to take a picture of you nursing it, I won't post it to my blog.