Friday, July 31, 2009

One Year

Today is my first anniversary!! Yay!
I love Jed more and more each day. So I guess that means I love him x365?

We've spent the week at Bear Lake with my mom's family. It was so fun to spend every day at the beach, waverunning and boating. We had such a good time!
This evening, we're heading up to Park City to spend the next few days at a resort, relaxing even more! I can't wait!!

Pictures to come... Have a great weekend!! (I know I will!) :D

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that Jed ran that 5K - and I'm so proud of him!
I am thankful that I had an interview this week.
I am thankful that Emily and her kids will be here next week.
I am thankful that I get to go to my mom's family reunion at Bear Lake next week.
I am thankful that my strawberry pie turned out great.
I am thankful that I was able to go to the SLC Temple with some of my family this week.
I am thankful that my car is finally registered.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Memoirs

Friday - I fixed my headlight, finally. It had been smashed since that hit and run way back in December. :\
We went to the Steel Days Carnival in American Fork. We did a little shopping and fixed Jed's fog light. Then I had this huge craving for sweet potato fries. And we found them at Arctic Circle, thank goodness.
We came home and watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix until bedtime.

Saturday - We were up before the sun; Jed ran a 5K! He did a great job and I'm so proud of him! I, on the other hand, sat on the sidelines and cheered. :) After the race, we came home and crashed for a few hours. Then we seriously just bummed around the house all day.
Jed had to work that night. After I dropped him off, I went up to SLC for dinner. Then I went to Sugarhouse Park and read some more Wicked. I really, really like that book.

Sunday - We picked Nathan up and went to Jed's grandpa's house. We visited him for a while and then came home and had dinner. After dinner, we made funnel cakes. They were so yummy! Then we watched Family Guy and Simpsons.
Nathan left and Jed and I watched Sleeping With the Enemy. It was pretty good.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

25 More Random Facts

1. My favorite soda is Diet Dr. Pepper.
2. I never make my bed. It just gets messed up again - kinda pointless to me.
3. I can roll my tongue like a taco, but not like a shamrock/clover.
4. I am a mystery shopper. ;)
5. I have never had a perm.
6. I have always been overweight - my whole life.
7. I work out at Gold's Gym.
8. I had some bad acne as a teenager, until I finally went to the dermatologist.
9. I have never been to a funeral.
10. I hate to have stuff on my hands - I rinse them about a million times when I cook.
11. I would rather have 2-3 close friends than 15-20 acquaintances.
12. I bite my nails.
13. I almost got a job at Target, but I failed the drug test and didn't have the medication bottle anymore to prove it was legit.
14. I like Sharon Osbourne even though her husband is disgusting.
15. I have really sensitive eyes - I almost always have sunglasses on during the day.
16. My favorite snacks are pita chips and hummus or wheat toast with diced tomatoes, cracked pepper, and olive oil.
17. I talk to my grandma on Gchat.
18. My favorite holiday is Christmas. Actually I love the whole month of December.
19. I recently started reading Wicked. The beginning is a bit risque, and I love it!
20. I hate cats. (sorry Amanda...and Megan)
21. I don't have a wedding band, just a ring.
22. My hair gets greasy within 12 hours of washing it. No joke. :(
23. I don't always wash my hair every day - sometimes I use the old talcum powder trick. ;)
24. I love to try new recipes and new foods.
25. Patience is not a virtue I possess.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that I made it up to the lake on Mt. Timp on Saturday.
I am thankful that I made it down the mountain without killing myself (even though it was close).
I am thankful for good friends like the Nielsens.
I am thankful that our Cafe Rio night turned out great.
I am thankful that we have family close and we got to see both sides of my extended family on Sunday.
I am thankful that I was able to go to the open house for the new expansion that my Uncle Brad was in charge of for the University Hospital at the U of U today.
I am thankful that I was driving Jed's car when the cop was following me today (my registration is expired as of right now).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cafe Rio

That's right. We're making Cafe Rio salads for dinner tonight. Be jealous. ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Memoirs

Friday - We went to Jed's friend's wedding reception. The bride and groom were both Hispanic (I felt like we were the only white people) and everything they said/did was in Spanish. But I had a good translator. It was pretty fun and lively, and the food was great.
We hiked Mount Timpanogos! We went on what's called the "midnight hike" or "sunrise hike" where you start climbing around midnight and get to the top in time for the sunrise - hence the name. We went with the Nielsens and some friends of theirs. Jed and I made a great pair - I had a hard time going up the mountain, and he had a hard time going down the mountain. :)
We made it to the lake at the top (Emerald Lake) by sunrise and then the rest of the group continued on toward the tip and Jed and I turned around to go back down. There are a few spots where the trail consists of following previous peoples' footsteps on a thin strip across a snow slide. We did fine on them on the way up, but the second one on the way down was a challenge. We were almost across it, when I lost my footing, tried to grab on to some snow and it gave way, so I fell and went sliding down the mountain on this slab of snow and ice. Luckily we were close to one side, rather than right in the middle, and I was able to turn my legs towards the edge of the snow and slide on to some rocks that stopped me. Thank goodness for that because otherwise I would have gone about a mile striaght down and crashed into trees and boulders going who-knows-how-fast. Scary, scary.
We crossed 15+ waterfalls during the hike; saw deer, chipmunks, muskrats, a rabbit, and a porcupine; I got altitude sickness and am still trying to recover from its effects; my legs still ache; my contacts started blurring halfway up, and by the time we were coming down, I could hardly see anything; the hike was about 5.5-6 hours up and about 3.5-4 hours down.

Saturday - After the hike, we went to register Jed for his 5K. I stayed in the car because I was having a hard time functioning (I felt/acted like I was drunk, I was nauseated, and I had body aches and could barely move). We came home and crashed. We only slept for about 3 hours because I knew it would mess us up if we slept long. Plus we had a dinner date to keep.
We went to Five Guys with the McDaniels and then watched Public Enemies with them too. It was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time - I loved it!

Sunday - The Doxeys were having their homecoming and David's mission farewell all in one, so we went to their ward. It was very nice. The children all bore their testimonies in Spanish, and they had great accents. Debbie, Gary, and David gave wonderful talks and you could tell that they loved their experience in Mexico and that David is very much prepared to serve a mission.
After church, we went to the Doxeys' for an open house. There were so many people who came! I'm sure they felt very loved. It is so good to have them back and I hope that we will be able to see them frequently.
We came home and took a little nap before we headed up to the Busaths' for my Aunt Jonni's birthday dinner. We got there at 5 and didn't end up leaving until almost 11 because we were having so much fun playing games. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Private Blog

I hate private blogs. There. I said it.

I have a stack of private blogs at the bottom of my blog list. I never look at them. I never know when they've been updated and I'm not going to check each one every day. I completely understand why someone would choose to be private - especially if they have children; the world is a scary place. Maybe I just don't know the ins and outs of blogging enough. Is there an easier way to view private blogs and know when they've been updated? Do I have to subscribe to the blog and check my email feed every day? Would that even register that it's been updated?

Friday Foto Fix

We spent July 4th at Deer Creek Reservoir with the Vallens. It was so much fun - here are a few pictures from the day.

Jed's brother, Tyler, laying on Jamie.

Tyler, Jamie, and Jake.

And last, but not least, my motivation picture. Blah.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that Jed's family was out here last week.
I am thankful that Debbie and Gary and their kids made it home safely.
I am thankful for all of the fun things we got to do over the holiday weekend.
I am thankful for aloe vera.
I am thankful that my burn is starting to go away.
I am thankful that Jed is going to do a 5K next weekend at the American Fork Steel Days - come out and support him with me. :)
I am thankful that I can get back on track now.
I am thankful for Costco because I got cheap ink there.
I am thankful for the internet.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Skin Cancer

When we went to the lake on Saturday, I put sunscreen on twice in the five hours we were in the sun. Apparently that wasn't good enough because I got burned really badly. The tops of my thighs, my shoulders, arms, chest, and back are still bright red. And I got some blisters on one of my shoulders. I've never blistered before - this is BAD!
The worst part is that I'm a prime candidate for skin cancer. Remember this post? And this one? Now I'm super worried about getting skin cancer. And I'm so mad because I thought that I was being careful with my two coats of sunscreen. :(

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Memoirs

Friday - Jed didn't have to work(!), so he got to come to the Lehi Pool with his family and me.
We left and went to the airport to greet my aunt, uncle, and cousins (the Doxeys). My uncle has been a Mission President in Mexico for the past three years. It was so good to see them again - and the kids have grown so much!
We followed my grandpa back to his house and visited for a while, and then we went to a homecoming party for the Doxeys.
We met Jed's family at a wedding reception for one of his distant cousins, Tinae, who happens to be an old friend of one of my good friends, Katy. Small world. The reception was fun and she looked beautiful.
Tyler and Nathan came home with us and spent the night. We watched The Messengers, and I still jumped even though I've seen it twice before. :\
Saturday (Fourth of July)- We spent the day at Deer Creek Reservoir with the Vallen family. They rented a boat that came with kneeboards and a tube. It was so much fun!
I put sunscreen on twice and I still got fried! I'm in so much pain even now, two days later. And I can barely move. :(
That evening, we went to Jed's aunt and uncle's house in PG for a BBQ and to watch the fireworks. They live just down the street from the town fireworks, so we got a great view!
Sunday - Theresa (Jed's mom) came for the second hour of nursery and it was so fun to have her there! The kids loved her. I was grateful for some extra help since I was burned and not feeling well. Thanks Theresa!
I made a Black Forest Chocolate Cherry Cake after church and we headed out to Jed's aunt and uncle's house (on the other side of the family) for another family get-together. It was a great night and we had a lot of fun.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Foto Fix

Last Thursday Jed and I went to the Nickelcade with the Nielsens.
This is the game I could (and did) spend all night playing.

My cute hubby racing on the snowmobile game.

Adam and Amanda - I think he won.

We went camping with the Burkes last Friday.
Jed was on a phone call and disappeared. He later returned with this load.

We made banana boats and they were so good!!

It started raining and luckily our table was under a tree, so we all huddled on it.
This is the group, minus me.
[Jed, Calvin & Chelsey Cook, Chad Farnes, Seth & Megan Burke, Erik & Portia Westesen]

And here's us again, minus Porch.

Jed's family has been in town this week and we got to go to the Oquirrah Temple Open House last night.
The beautiful temple!

The happy couple.

My Uncle Gary was a Mission President in Mexico and they got back from that tonight.
This is the whole extended family (minus my family) at the airport to greet them.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sweet New Memory Card

My sister, Emily, is a photographer and she's having a photo contest over at her blog. All you have to do is submit (up to) three of your own images and you could win an awesome new 4GB memory card and a 16x20 print of your winning photo!! So head over to her blog and check it out!

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that Jed's family has been in town for the past few days.
I am thankful that we've gotten to spend a lot of time with them and have some of the kids spend the night at our house each night (also the reason I wasn't able to weigh myself lately).
I am thankful that I got to meet Tyler (he just got home from his mission) and get to know the rest of Jed's family better.
I am thankful that Grams, Cheryl, Tracie, and I were able to help out at Debbie's house on Monday.
I am thankful that I get to go back today with Grams.
I am thankful that we split the nursery this week.
I am thankful that we were able to go camping this weekend.
I am thankful that Theresa is canning a million jars of cherry jam and pie filling for me.
I am thankful that Jed doesn't have to work tomorrow.
I am thankful that we have a weekend PACKED FULL of fun plans!