Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ketchup, Or Catch-Up, Whatever

Bear Lake Cabin

California Trip



HUGE fire we saw on the way home

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Decor

We've made two new additions to our white walls. The first one I made, the second one we bought with wedding money at Deseret Book. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

I Got A Prize!!

I got my first prize in the mail!! Susie sent me these awesome recipe cards! They even have a picture of me on them! Woo! They are fabulous and I can't wait to use them!! THANKS SUSIE!!

(click on it for better quality)

PS - I know I still owe Katy, Monique, and Kirsten their prizes - I will mail them when I get your addresses!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No, Thanks

Jed and I went to that timeshare presentation last night. Oh boy. First we met with our rep, then the whole group of us had to go into a conference room and listen to hyper 11-Red-Bulls-later boy for 45 minutes. Torture.
Then we went back with our rep and he talked to us for almost an hour and a half - I think he thought he had us. It sounded like a good deal, but we don't have the cash for that, and I feel like we usually find really good deals on hotels and stuff anyways.
So after 2.5 hours, we signed a paper saying we understand we waved our rights to certain benefits or whatever. And then we had to sit at this table and wait for 10 minutes for someone else to "ask us a few follow-up questions". The follow-up questions were them giving us one last "deal". We said no to that, too.

The prizes we got just for going in:
$25 AMEX credit card
$30 Maverick gas card
2 nights stay in Vegas
$100 gift card to Olive Garden

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday Memoirs - A Day Late

Friday - I had the day off and got a ton of things done! It was great!
We went to our ward camp-out, but didn't sleep over because I had to work the next day. The food was good, and my cherry cake was gone in five minutes - that made me happy.
We sat next to some interesting people, the husband is actually Jed's HT companion. And on the other side were the parents of one of our girls in nursery. We really like them.

Saturday - I worked. Jed came to SLC with me. We went to lunch together and then got massages, too. I love that perk of my job. It was my first massage at the schoool, and Jed's first ever. I think he really liked it, which is good because he'll go back with me. :)
My friend Megan had texted me about this women's expo going on at UVU that day. We swung by her house on the way home and got her ticket so that I didn't have to pay. :) Thanks Megan!
The reason we wanted to go is because she had gotten a 2-night vacation to a resort in Park City for $50, and we wanted the deal too! ;) So we go to the expo, get that deal, and get another for a timeshare presentation. I'll let you know how that goes - we're going tonight.

Sunday - They split the nursery, again. It's really nice to only have about 4 kids each week, as opposed to 10-15 like it was in the beginning. We are able to work more closely with the kids and get to know them better.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that Jed was able to come to SLC with me last Saturday when I worked.
I am thankful that Chris and Hanna came to see me at work on Saturday.
I am thankful that we split the nursery again on Sunday.
I am thankful that we were able to go camping with the Burkes on Sunday night, even though I worked on Monday.
I am thankful for good friends and family.
I am thankful for the Gospel.
I am thankful that I have a job.
I am thankful that we have health insurance.
I am thankful that I was able to go to Jed's capstone meeting last night.
I am thankful that I am able to go to school.
I am thankful that I was able to go to brunch with Jed this morning.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that we were able to go to California this weekend.
I am thankful that Jed was able to handle the car when the tire blew and we didn't flip or anything.
I am thankful that my parents were in town at the same time we were.
I am thankful that we were able to go to Wicked!
I am thankful for Laurel and Nathan and their generosity.
I am thankful that we got to see Nathan when he was in town this week.
I am thankful that my first week of school went well.
I am thankful that I was able to stay at Grams' house so that I didn't have to drive home after school.
I am thankful that I was able to go to brunch with Grams and Cheryl this morning.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday Memoirs - A Day Late

Friday - We headed out for Laurel's house right after work, around 6:30. At 8:30 we blew out a tire. It was totally shredded. For some reason the jack wasn't tall enough, so we called AAA. The AAA guy took almost two hours to show up, but he changed our tire and then suggested that we follow him to his shop in Beaver and get some cheap used tires rather than drive back to Provo to pick up my car, like we were planning on doing. He changed and rotated our tires and we were on the road by 11:00.
We had been "traveling" for 5 hours at this point and still had seven to go. It was a long night, energy drinks included. Jed was such a trooper - he drove the entire way, and even let me take two- one hour naps! We got off at Laurel's exit and realized that we didn't know her gate code. At 5am! Luckily someone pulled in right after us. What they were doing out until 5am is anyone's guess.

Saturday - We all went to brunch at this really good restaurant - my parents were in town over the weekend too! I taught West how to drink out a straw. :)
We all drove down to San Diego and everyone else hung out around town while Jed and I went to WICKED!! It was INCREDIBLE!! I am SO glad we went! I absolutely loved it and can't say enough good things about it.
After dinner at a really yummy Mexican restaurant called Ancho's, we went back to Laurel's house and played Five Crowns. Laurel and I kicked butt. It was a fun night and I'm glad that my parents were able to be there too. It was really nice to see them and get to hang out and play games with them. And of course it's always a good time with the Lakeys - that's why we like to visit them so much! :)

Sunday - My parents left super early to catch their flight, so we didn't really get to say goodbye. After a yummy breakfast of hoot-nannys that Chef Laurel made, we got back on the road again to come home. It was a whirlwind trip to say the least, but it was a blast!!