Tuesday, November 27, 2012

101 in 1001 Monthly Update

1. Make a wreath for my front door - 10/16/11
2. Go to the Texas State Fair - 10/4/10
3. Eat a meal from a food truck
4. Go to the symphony Take Logan to a pumpkin patch - 10/16/12
5. Go 1 week without watching TV - 1/9/11
6. Finally buy wedding pictures...
7. Hang wedding pictures
8. Go to the ballet with Jed - 11/27/10
9. Tour The Sixth Floor Museum The State Capital - 8/7/12
10. Finish my T-shirt quilt I started 2 3 years ago - 3/23/11
11. Go to the Ft. Worth Zoo - 10/2/10
12. Lose 20 pounds!! - 11/3/10
13. Lose 20 more pounds!!! - 6/22/11
14. Go snorkeling again Go to the driving range - 12/30/11
15. Catch up on 30 Rock - 12/6/10
16. Eat vegetarian for a week Try fish - 12/15/11 (tilapia)
17. Go to a Rangers game - 5/13/11
18. Do a ropes course Take Logan to see Santa
19. Write in my journal every day for 1 month - 10/15/12
20. Go rock climbing again
21. Go back to school - 3/23/11 :)
22. Take a picture each day for 3 1 month - 12/14/11
23. Ride on a real train - 11/19/11
24. Bear my testimony in church - 3/25/12
25. Get my picture taken by a professional
26. Get our family photo taken by a professional
27. Swim 10 continuous laps
28. Get a dog another Russian tortoise - 9/26/12
29. Visit NASA
30. Family prayer and Personal scripture study every day for 1 month - 2/3/11
31. Visit San Antonio during a holiday - 7/4/11
32. Join a choir - 10/10/10
33. Make a sourdough starter - 5/9/11
34. Go white water rafting again Take Logan on his first road trip - 11/19/12
35. Pick up the violin again
36. Take Jed to a rodeo - 1/20/11
37. Buy cowboy boots or hats - 11/6/10
38. Get in the car and drive 2 hours in one direction with the windows down and the radio blasting - 5/25/12
39. Visit all great-grandparents' grave sites (Mom's side) - 6/17/12
40. Go to the Dallas Temple - 2/23/11
41. Take Jed to a jazz bar country concert (Rascal Flatts) - 7/13/12
42. Fly a kite - 3/6/12
43. Go to a haunted house with Jed - 10/25/10
44. Complete Couch to 5K Challenge Ride a mechanical bull - 11/19/11
45. Participate in an organized 5K! - 7/11/11
46. Get my palm read or fortune told
47. Go on another cruise with Jed
48. Help build a Habitat for Humanity house - 12/7/11
49. Make Mom's cinnamon rolls - 10/30/10
50. Make Theresa's cinnamon rolls
51. Go to Schlitterbahn with Jed
52. Buy a homeless person lunch - 3/14/11
53. Have a baby!! - 8/19/12
54. Watch the Zombie Walk - 10/16/10
55. Pay off Jed's car!! - 10/19/10
56. Go fishing with Jed - 5/30/11
57. Be 100% credit card debt-free!!! - 2/6/12
58. Ride a horse - 7/30/11
59. Go to the Dallas Aquarium - 2/10/12
60. Dance to a vinyl record
61. Take a cooking class
62. Get an SLR a video camera - 12/25/11
63. Skydive
64. Visit Gettysburg or Williamsburg
65. Make out in the rain
66. Go to Six Flags with Jed
67. File my own taxes without calling Daddy - 2/22/11
68. Make a hole-in-one
69. Take a hot-air balloon or helicopter ride
70. Change my own oil
71. Go to NYC or San Francisco Lake Powell - (6/10-14/12)
72. Take an art class
73. Jump around in a mosh pit again
74. Go to a circus - 10/14/10
75. Deep clean my bathroom - 2/10/11
76. Visit my sister, Laurel, in California - 4/6/11
77. Ride a motorcycle  Buy a house! - 3/21/12
78. Get a TX driver's license again - 9/29/10
79. Go one week three days without simple carbs - 11/11/11
80. Dance barefoot
81. Get all dressed up and go to a fancy dinner
82. Get on a bike again
83. Buy myself flowers for no reason - 2/12/11
84. Go camping in Texas with Jed - 5/6/11
85. Go camping on a beach
86. Go to the Texas beach Float the river with Jed - 7/3/11
87. Donate blood again
88. Spend a night with the lights off, watching a lightning storm - 11/15/10
89. Go to the Grand Canyon Time Out For Women - 4/13-14/12
90. Have a meaningful conversation with a beggar
91. Paint pottery again
92. Join a bowling or softball league
93. Watch a movie at a drive-in
94. Grow and eat my own vegetables - 12/1/11 (green onions)
95. Sing karaoke again - 11/4/11
96. Take the Riverwalk boat tour - 11/6/10
97. Don't eat out for 1 month 2 weeks
98. Go to the batting cages with Jed - 4/1/11
99. Donate plasma
100. Eat fried green tomatoes - 11/6/10
101. Do 1 correct push-up

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Week - Plumbing

Jed's family came in to town late last Sunday. A few people took showers that night and I noticed that the water in our master bathroom would bubble when the shower was going, or even after anyone flushed the other toilet. The water would get high, hang out for a bit despite plunging efforts, and eventually drain a little while later. Well the next morning, I took a shower and the shower didn't drain, so by the end of it I was standing in a few inches of water. As soon as I got out, before I got dressed, and before I could make an announcement that there would be no more showers, I heard the shower start in the other bathroom. I come out, make an announcement not to shower unless you feel like you absolutely have to, and go on with breakfast. My mother-in-law came up and asked me if she could shower and I told her that I wished she wouldn't, but Jed told her that the shower in the guest bathroom was fine to use, so she went ahead and took that shower. Lo and behold both toilets started to overflow and we barely had enough extra towels to soak up the backed up water (which smelled horrid, btw).

Jed had called the plumber we have to use for the home warranty to be effective and they couldn't come until the following day (Tues), but we were all leaving to San Antonio and I knew that he would be super sad if everyone went down there and we had to wait an extra day for this plumber to come, so we rescheduled for the following Tuesday (he couldn't come on the weekend or Monday) and we all headed down to San An. While we were in SA, my mom (who happened to be in town because my sister just had a baby) stopped by the house to check on things and the toilets had stopped overflowing and the water had gone back down.

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon when we got home. We knew we couldn't shower and were reluctant about flushing the toilets, but I had a bunch of dishes in the dishwasher, including all of the bottles that we took down south that only got rinsed and not washed. So I took the chance that the kitchen drain was somehow different or met up with the bathroom one past the clog and I did a quick load of dishes. Bad idea. Not only did the water rise in the toilets, but sewer grossness started coming out of both shower drains as well. Foul.

Since we can't shower or use our toilets/dishwasher/washing machine, we decided to get a hotel for last night and tonight. Luckily we just got done with a trip, so our toiletries were still packed, Logan's pack-and-play was easily accessible, etc. So here we are, 5 minutes from our house, at a hotel until Monday. It's not too bad, just feels like an extension to our Thanksgiving trip. And on that note, I am thankful for a home warranty so that we aren't out a ton of money for this plumbing job.