Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Memoirs - California Dreamin'

This weekend was SO much fun! Jed and I headed out to California to visit Laurel and her family and my mom because Laurel just had a baby last week. The drive down wasn't too bad and we made pretty good time, even though we still got in pretty late Friday night.

On Saturday (our only full day there...) we woke up, had breakfast, and "Wii'ed it up"! It's so much fun to play the Wii with a bunch of people, especially family. After we were all showered and fed, we went to Tom's Farms and shopped around a little bit in the market. We couldn't ride the rides or visit the petting zoo because it was raining, but it was a cute place to go. Jed randomly found a fruit that he hadn't seen since he lived in Chile - a cherimoya.

We got In N Out for lunch, of course. Then Laurel, Mom, West and I went shopping for materials to make Laurel some curtains while the boys stayed home and played Guitar Hero. It was fun for them to have an equally good partner to play with (Laurel and I are not so good at that game...) and us girls had a great "outing". :) For dinner, we went to this Mexican restaurant that makes amazing tortillas - just like San Antonio! We hung out the rest of the night, and played with West a lot:

Jed and I had to leave around noon on Sunday, so we just bummed around in the morning and played Wii and hung out. Jed opened his special fruit for breakfast, but apparently it wasn't ripe because it was hard and tasted, to me, like ground pepper. :\ When we told Eli that we were leaving he told us that we didn't "need to go to Utah" and he was super sad that we were leaving him. That was cute.

Jed and I were making good time (I think mostly because I was driving) all the up to St. George (where we stopped for more In N Out) and then a little past that. But then we hit a storm. The worst part was the very beginning, when it was a white-out and I couldn't see the road or anything else more than a foot or two in front of the car. The scariest thing was when I started to hit those bumps just outside the lane (you know, the ones that make that really loud sound?) and I thought I was all the way to the right, but then I saw a mile-marker thing coming towards me from the left and realized I was on the opposite side of the road than I thought I was. It was awful! We were so close to driving off the road and in to a ditch, had we not seen that stick thing. So we eventually found a semi to follow and stayed behind larger vehicles the rest of the way home, and added about an hour and a half on to our trip. Jed was SO supportive and helpful while I was driving. I wasn't so much that way to him when the situation was reversed and he was driving home from Vegas in a storm. He is SO good to me, and sweet, and patient. I'm grateful that I have such a wonderful man to spend my life with.


Janae said...

I am glad you guys had fun in Cali and got to hang with West. he is adorable. I am glad you survived the trip back to Utah.

Laurel said...

Awww, we had a great time with you guys too! So sad it wasn't longer. We'll have to remedy that the next time you come out. :)