Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Heading Out to the "West"

I feel like such a blogging slacker (as if it all matters in the grand scheme of things...). But I do have an excuse. I've been on my death bed. Well, maybe not, but it kind of felt like it. I had the worse head pain over the weekend. I was going to go in to the doctor if it continued on through today, but luckily it stopped. (I really thought I had a tumor or something serious. Now I'll never know, but then again I don't really care as long as I'm not hurting anymore...) I do still have the stuffy/runny/raw nose, coupled with throat pain that Jed and I keep passing back and forth. Yuck. I hope I can get rid of it before I go see my brand-spanking new nephew on Friday.

Yep, I'm officially an aunt of FOUR nephews, no nieces. Westley Kai Lakey was born on Monday. (We'll call him West) 8 lbs 2 oz; 20 inches, I think? Jed and I are so fortunate to be able to drive to California on Friday to see Laurel's family (and my mom)!! Here's a picture I stole from Laurel's sister-in-law's blog:


Janae said...

Ali, he is so adorable. You will have so much fun visiting him and Eli and the rest of the family. Have a fun time in California. I can send you more pictures if you want.

Trent and Amelia said...

I am soo glad you are feeling better. I wonder what you had... have fun in California, I am jealous.

Laurel said...

Uh, you best not be sick when you get out here! Take some Zicam or something, because I'm not dealing with a sick newborn! :) We'll make sure to load you up with hand sanitizer and such. Maybe one of those Chinese SARS masks too. That would be awesome. :)