Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ali's Birthday

Hey everyone!
If you guys didn't already know, today is Ali's birthday! My wonderful, cheerful, lovely wife just turned 23 today. If you haven't already, you should wish her a Happy Birthday in some way or another.

I decided to write down a list of some of the wonderful things I know and love about Ali:
She has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen, with or without make-up.
She makes you feel good when she laughs.
She does thoughtful things for me.
We're very similar in our interests.
I like spending time with her.
I like to talk with her about everything.
She's an amazing cook.
She always smells good.
She's smarter than me.
She tries really hard to make me happy all the time.
She like to be goofy with me.
She's organized.
She has beautiful hair.
She's a great blogger.
She plans ahead.
She has a pretty smile.
She's very social and likes to be around people.


KarenR said...

Happy Birthday, Ali!!! A day late, but...your husband sure likes you! I hope you had a great day!
Karen (Kim's mom)
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Laurel said...

awww, happy birthday little sis! and what a cute post, jed! it's great to hear what you love about ali. hope you had a fun day yesterday!

caitlinhart said...

Awwww... those are the things I love about Ali too!!! Aren't you a lucky guy to have her??? I'm glad you know that! I'm sure she feels the same about you!