Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Foto Fix

This is him.This is me.

This is my brother, Jeff, and my nephew, Nate.

"Remember the Alamo!"

What's a visit to the Alamo without Mexican soldiers??

Riding the trolley.

Oh, the chillins!

Rockin out in El Mercado.

Takin a siesta.

We love each other. And I love that comb-over I have.

One of my good friends, Micheyl.

I choo-choo-choose you!

They have a pack of live turtles in a pond in the middle of this mall!!

Jed walking throughout the whole mall as a train conductor. Sucker forgot he was wearing it.

Emily won the jackpot on this game for the second time!!

Gotta love boys and video games...

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portiagroves said...

Hey! How was your Christmas break?

You might already know about this but if not.. I was reading up on it and thought you would like to know about it, or at least find it interesting.

(I would of written you on facebook but its blocked at my work..) Anyways, have a wonderful day!..and here's the website...