Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year and New Jeans

Jed and I got back from Texas on New Year's Eve around lunchtime and my Grams picked us up from the airport and took us to Trolley Square for lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory (Yum-more eating out. Yeesh.). When we got out of the car, Jed noticed an Old Navy gift card laying on the ground next to our car. He wouldn't pick it up, so I did. For some reason, I couldn't get through to the company to get the balance on the card, so I just tucked it away in my purse. I'd never been to OSF, but it was really good. (PS~They're having an anniversary sale this month. Click here for info.)

Ok, confession time. Since I've gained so much weight this past year, I only had one pair of jeans that fit me (and of course I didn't want to go out and buy new jeans because I'm getting skinny and soon they won't fit me, right?). Obviously I took this pair with me to Texas. When we stopped at Rudy's on the way to San Antonio, I saw a dime on the floor (this is pitiful...) and I told Jed that he should pick it up. Of course he wouldn't because it was a measly 10 cents (he wouldn't even pick up the Old Navy gift card-I think he doesn't like to pick things up off the ground). But I'm thinking "10 cents more than we had before" and I bend down to pick it up, only to feel the material on my inner thigh split. Granted I also wore this pair of jeans when we were in Vegas and walked 18 miles, so the material was really worn down, but still. I freakin split a hole in my only pair of jeans on the third day of my vacation. All for a pathetic 10 cents! It gets better: I wore the jeans the entire rest of the trip, every day, with a hole in them. A hole that got increasingly bigger every day. I didn't really have much of a choice.

I found out that the gift card had $20 on it, and the jeans at Old Navy fit me best, so I got to go shopping. They were having a sale on jeans - $25 each, not incredible, but better than usual. I got 2 pairs of jeans for $30!! And I have an extra 10 cents. ;) So I guess I spent like $29.90 on those jeans...


Laurel said...

wow, i just have to say it -- splitting your pants for 10 cents? sorry, but so not worth it. :) LOL. but that is a funny story. maybe next time jed will pick up the gift card and he'll get to go shopping for free!

caitlinhart said...

dude... I have so been there... remember my split pants? Well, I'm glad you got some new ones! Sometimes pants can only be worn so many times till they've had enough... it's always the favorite pair that goes first :'(