Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Go Spurs Go!!!

I made it a point to get tickets to last night's Spurs/Jazz game. Apparently they play each other every year, in SLC, at the end of January. Jed and I got to go last year (with the Keays and the Nielsens) and had a great time (except for that kid who threw trash on us and that old lady who kept turning around and pointing at us every time the Jazz scored...). I love me some live basketball, especially when my boys are playing! As you can see, our seats weren't amazing, but true fans will watch from the last row just to get to be in the same building. ;)

We sat with Spurs fans on the left and Jazz fans on the right. There was this funny old couple sitting behind us. No joke, every time the Spurs were on offense, the lady would shout (in her high-pitched old lady voice) "De-fense, De-fense". Except she was never in sync with the crowd and her voice always sounded flat. The first time the Spurs scored and I clapped, the old man tapped me on the shoulder and told me I wasn't supposed to clap. And they kept making these random, off-the-wall comments, as old people do, like "You make a million dollars and you can't make a free-throw?" or, referring to Duncan as "cry baby" all night, "Cry some more, cry baby". Then I was taking a picture of Jed and the old man practically grabbed the camera out of my hand and motioned for us to get together for him to take the picture. My camera is just a point-and-click but apparently it was a little difficult for him to figure out. It only took about 8 tries to even push the button down. Luckily it was a decent picture the first time...

The game itself was intense!! It was neck-and-neck the entire time. Back and forth, back and forth. 3-pointers were being made right and left. But in the end, MY SPURS were triumphant! 106-100!! :D
Obviously I'm not a very good commentator... haha So here are two articles on the game, by people who get paid to write about sports:
Spurs Website

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Bill Busath said...

Boo Spurs!!! Go home, cry-babies!