Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Memoirs

Friday - We went Geocaching and this time it was a success!! We had such a fun time hunting for the "treasure"!! We ended up finding four geocaches and we got a few little treasures to take home. We will definitely be doing this again - SO fun!!!
Justin, Amanda, and Heidi came over and we picked up Nathan and went to get frozen custard (even though it was freezing outside). It was really good! Thanks for telling us about that place, McDaniels. Jed and I were home fairly early, so while he was in the bedroom studying or reading or something, I turned on Harry Potter because I was randomly in the mood for it. As soon as the music starts, Jed comes in and asks if he can watch it with me. He got all excited like a little school boy. It was a good night. ;)

Saturday - In the morning, I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get a present for my friend's bridal shower, that started about a half hour later. They couldn't find her registry, and then after I picked out the present, they had a 20-minute wait on gift-wrapping. I was there for an hour, and was late to the shower. It worked out ok though. So my friend Angela Nelson is getting married!! Her shower was way fun and I got to meet Megan (a friend of mine's wife whom I had never met) and see Sabrina and J'Nette. J'Nette didn't bring her baby, so I'll have to make the drive to her house to see the cute little guy. Angela is great and she deserves the best. I'm so glad that she found a wonderful guy like Chance to treat her right and be an awesome husband to her.

After the shower, I ran over to my partner's house to work on our stupid project for school. It is taking entirely too long to finish this thing. I was there for three hours and we barely made a dent in it. So frustrating!

Then I went over to Adrianna's house for a facial party. A woman from home (San Antonio), Charlotte Ekstrom, was there and it was so good to see her again. She actually taught me piano when I was younger. I hadn't seen her in years and it was so fun to catch up on things.
Jed had to go in to work, but when he got off, we went out to dinner to Fuddruckers with Charlotte, Adrianna, her boyfriend Tony, and Charlotte's niece Megan. It was really good - the company was great!

Jed had never seen Drop Dead Gorgeous, and I was in the mood for a good laugh, so we popped it in. I love that movie!

Sunday - **Warning: this is a bit of a rant** If any of you have worked in the nursery at church before, you know that sometimes kids cry and cry for their parents for a long time. And then there are the parents whose kid is fine, but yet they stay in there for who knows what reason. Well we had a guy yesterday (I don't think they are in our ward, or else they're new) who came in for the first time with his kid. We were doing puzzles at the table with the kids and a few of them were reading books. The guy's kid tries to come over and do puzzles with us and his dad yanks him back and like makes him read a book and the kid starts crying. Weird, right? Then the guy stays in nursery the entire time (which, if your kid is having a rough day and crying a lot, etc, is fine) even though his kid is totally good and doesn't need his dad in there.
Well my philosophy is that if you are skipping class to be in nursery with your kid, you are responsible for your kid - I will not watch kids whose own parents are in the same room. This kid keeps running around stealing other kids' toys, turning the CD player up full blast, then he goes over to the toy closet and starts pulling a huge tub of wooden blocks off the shelf above his head. I saw it coming. I knew it was going to fall on him. Where was the dad? On the other side of the room, not even looking in the direction of the child. What the crap? Leave already. So Jed was near the kid and stopped him before he knocked himself out. Not two minutes after that, this little kid goes over to one of our girls and gives her a hug and then leans in for a kiss on the cheek. Cute, right? No. He bit her cheek as hard as he could. The dad wasn't even paying attention. The duo left right after that. AND GOOD RIDDENCE!

So....that was my weekend. :)

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Heather Robinett said...

I love geocaching! What did you guys find? I haven't been in a couple of years, but I should get the ol' trusty gps back out. LOL