Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday Memoirs - A Day Late

Friday - We went to see our friend Megan play the oboe in a local community orchestra. She played really well and even had a solo! Adam and Amanda met us at the concert and it was a really fun date night. Afterward, we all went out with Megan's grandparents to the Purple Turtle for milkshakes. (Jed and I are not big fans of this place, but the company was fun.) Megan's grandparents are so cute and really funny!
Jed and I went over to the Nielsen's house for game night. They always teach us fun new games!

Saturday - We went to the distribution center and spent $80 on stuff for Jed. Yeah, $80. And then we went to the temple for a bit.
It was pretty snowy in the morning, but then I guess Jed realized that the snow had melted in the afternoon and he met up with his friends for frizz (aka frisbee). I am not a frizz player, so I sat in the car and read my new book, The Surrendered Wife, that was recommended to me by Monique. It's a really good book so far!
Once our husbands were finally finished playing, we all (McDaniels, Nathan, and us) went to dinner at Nicoitalia - yummy! Then Heidi joined us and we all went bowling!! I won the second game, thank you very much! ;)
Oh, and I got hit on at the bowling alley. (I had greasy, slicked-back hair and was wearing a hoodie and jeans - no make-up.) I would have been flattered, but I don't think that guy could see... ;)

Sunday - It was my turn to teach the lesson in nursery. It went really well. Nursery is hit-or-miss as far as boredom. Sometimes I'm super bored and the two hours drag on and on, and other times it goes really quickly.
We had Jed's brother, Nathan, over for dinner - I made chicken and rice casserole. It was SO good, thanks to my friend, Corinne's sauce recipe.
And then I made Amish Friendship Bread because a friend at work had given me a bag of dough/batter. I had never heard of it before, but the bread was really good and I'm excited to make it again in a few days! We took some dough/batter around to some friends, along with the finished product. I hope they liked it and will continue passing it along. :) (If you live in the area and would like me to bring you some dough/batter and bread the next time I make it, please leave me a comment and I'll share the love with you!)

Monday - I slept in until 10. :) I made lunch for Jed for when he came home between work and school, I didn't clean the house, I made green chocolate chip cookies to send to our brothers who are on missions (for St. Patrick's Day), Jed and I worked out, I didn't clean the house, we went grocery shopping and grabbed dinner at Sensuous Sandwich (yum) in the snow, I didn't clean the house, and I worked out on the Wii Fit to burn off some more of my dinner. ;)
Then, I'm in the bedroom and there's a knock at the door. Jed answers it and I hear singing. Like carollers. I come out (unfortunately for the company still in my nasty work-out clothes) to find Meals and Trent at my front door with cookies for us. They're so sweet. Did I mention before that I didn't clean the house at all today, and that it looked like a tornado victim lived here? (Still does by the way) Kind of embarrassing... But the cookies they made were delish - I only got a few before the plate was empty! And we're going out to dinner with them tonight to one of their favorite places (that Jed and I have never been to) - Sweet Tomatoes! It looks pretty good and I'm excited!

Today - I slept in until 10 again. :) I made lunch for Jed again, I didn't clean the house (again), I dropped Jed's car off at the shop and took him to work, and I looked for jobs and realized that there is hardly anything out there. Amanda IMed me and let me know that they are looking to hire someone at her office and it's a position that's right up my alley. She was just told about it today, so nobody has been interviewed yet. She's going to keep me posted - I really hope it works out!! :D

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Trent and Amelia said...

I really really hope the job works out. It sounds perfect. And about the singing, I wish we would have kept singing for you, I just couldn't keep a straight face with jed looking all uncomfortable. so glad you liked the cookies, quite surprising actually since you are probably used to eating only the best cookies ever (your recipe)!!