Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Memoirs

Friday - We rented Mama Mia because we thought it was the only decent movie at RedBox. Wrong! That movie is terrible. We would have been better off not getting anything. :\

Saturday - We met up with Amanda at the Gateway Mall in SLC and shopped around a bit. Jed got some new Crocs and I got a new purse - it was only $4!! :)

We went to my grandma's 75th birthday party that night. Lots of old people we didn't know, but it was good to get together and honor Grandma. Plus, we snuck away to the duck pond and fed the ducks/fish with my cousins - they had a blast.

When we got home, we watched Uncle Buck because Jed had never seen it and I think it's hilarious. I'm pretty sure Jed liked it a lot, too.

Sunday - Nothing special, just church.

Monday - This morning I got to go to breakfast with Meals and Trent. They are moving this afternoon, so I am so glad that I got to see them one last time and say good-bye. I'm going to miss Meals so much! She's one of my best friends and I always love hanging out with her.

I have an interview this afternoon for a summer nanny position. I can't give out any details because I don't want to jinx it, or get too excited just in case it doesn't work out. Of course I'll post the outcome - let's hope it's good!


Trent and Amelia said...

I am going to miss you soo much too! good thing we have blogs- you are one of the best people I know at keeping in touch so I have no doubt we will be able to stay close. Thanks for meeting us for breakfast, love you!

Alyssa Paul said...

We also hated Mamma Mia! Ugh, it was horrible and I can't believe that we actually sad through the whole thing because we also rented it and were watching it at home. We just kept thinking, "it has to get better..." but it never did.