Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Foto Fix

The story of a treasure hunt

You log on to, get the coordinates of a geocache near you and you plug them in to your GPS. You follow the GPS toward your coordinates, which may take you to a place like this:

Where you may have to follow a man who looks like this:

When you get to the exact coordinates, you may find something that looks like this:

And on the other side, it may say something like this:

The geocache could also look something like this:

You will have to open it to see what's inside:

It may look like this:

But it will almost always have one of these (a log of visitors):

Once you have opened the geocache and signed the log, you may take something from the geocache and/or leave something in the geocache:
(In Jed's left hand is another [small] geocache we found, and in his right hand is an LCD blinking light thing that we took from it.)


Seth and Megan said...

oo, I've neven known what you mean by 'geocache'ing... but now that I know it looks like a fun adventure, how fun you guys! We need to play games/eat yummies/watcha movie soon... sorry we've been lame lately!

I like the word verification "Royahs". we should make this a new slang term of some sort... hmm....

Trent and Amelia said...

We went to that exact same spot looking for that thing and couldnt find it. I am pretty sure we looked under that tree too. Some one must have taken it for the day? It was at night time though. Have yall ever gone when it was dark- so much harder, I think.

caitlinhart said...

That is SO COOL! Why is all the fun stuff in Utah??? UGH!