Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Memoirs

Oh what a weekend!
Friday - Jed played frisbee while I worked on some projects at home. Then we had a movie night.

Saturday - We went geocaching (in the rain - not recommended) in the afternoon. And then we went to the pet store and got two fish and a frog for our fish tank. :D

In the evening we went to a Passover service at BYU. Dr. Ludlow puts together several of these services each year around Passover. He is incredibly knowledgeable and kept interjecting neat comments about certain aspects of the service. It was a really neat experience and I'm glad that we were able to participate in this special Jewish tradition.

We got home pretty late that night and completely forgot about Resurrection Buns and Resurrection Cookies!! Maybe next year. Or next week. ;)

Easter Sunday - I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter Sunday! We had stake conference which was a little bit disappointing because we didn't get the usual Primary program and other things that you associate with Easter Sunday church.

We went to my grandparents' house for Easter dinner and games. There was no egg hunt or anything like that, but we did have ham. That was as close as we got to doing anything really "Easter-like".

We came home, picked up our Wii, and headed over to the Nielsen's house. It was Adam's birthday and we brought our Wii over for his party. We also playing the new Monopoly (with the credit cards!) and that was really fun.

**Frog Story**
When we got the frog, the girl at the pet store dropped it on the floor not once, but twice - I should have taken the hint. Then, Jed gets up the next morning and can't find the frog in the tank - he thought it was just hiding somewhere. Five hours later, he sees something hopping around on the floor. Who knows how long the frog had been out of the tank....he was covered in hair and dust and dirt. :\ So Jed puts him back in the tank and he was doing alright but then we came home after Easter dinner and found this:
We thought he was just chilling by the tower. But no, that's how he died, standing up... :(


Brenda Chela said...

Sad...poor froggie. Exciting weekend.

Jenny said...

Poor froggie!

Elise said... may be too late for this if you already "buried" the frog...but I'd totally take it back to the pet store with the receipt. Poor little guy!

Amanda said...

Sad :( I didn't even get to meet him...

Laurel said...

Well, at least he died doing what he loved -- hopping. :D Sorry, I couldn't resist. But seriously, that's a bummer. I agree with Elise, you should get your money back for that!

Glad you were able to hang with family for Easter. :)

caitlinhart said...

Just your luck you get a suicidal frog for Easter...