Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Memoirs

Friday - We rented some movies and went to Justin and Amanda's house with Nathan. We ended up watching The Haunting of Molly Hartley. It was alright... Not the best.

Saturday - Jed was at work all day because he does satellite support for General Conference. I woke up late and watched a little of the first session of General Conference. I went to a free lunch at Zupas - so yummy!
Then I went over to Amanda's house to watch the second session of General Conference; she was home alone because her husband was on campus all day. She scrapbooked and I was going to work on my Tshirt quilt that I've recently started, but I forgot my scissors. :( Amanda's sister-in-law came over with her daughter and we all ate dinner together. After Jed got off work, I met him at home and we watched Bedtime Stories. I had heard mixed reviews about it, but I liked it. Maybe not enough to buy it, but I thought it was pretty cute.

Sunday - Jed had to work most of the day again, so I went back over to Amanda's house to watch General Conference. Adam was there this time, and I remembered my scissors, so I worked on my quilt during the first session.
Amanda's sister and brother came over for lunch and to watch the second session of General Conference. It was good to see them again - I hadn't seen them in a while.
After the second session, I met Jed at home and we decided to do some Gecaching (our new favorite activity) around Provo and up the canyon. We didn't have much success finding any on campus - we think they were placed in areas with too much traffic and random people saw them and took them.

**The talks that stood out to me the most this weekend were:
President Monson's talk, about overcoming [the recession and economic] hardship, during the Sunday morning session
Elder Teixeira's talk, with the analogy of using a GPS, during the Sunday afternoon session
Elder Stevenson's talk about temples and temple attendance, during the Sunday afternoon session

What were your favorite/most inspiring talks?**

Jed wanted me to direct your attention to the post below. He wrote it.


Jenny said...

I tried, but failed to stay awake for sessions 1-3. By session 4, I was pretty well rested... I definitely need some kind of project to keep me alert!

Two talks that I particularly enjoyed were L. Tom Perry's talk about member missionary work and the one about about the close relationship between the temple and home. (I don't remember who gave that talk!) I'll need to catch up with the other talks later.

Laurel said...

Oh gosh, Conference was really good this time around. I really enjoyed Elder Holland's talk about the Atonement and Christ's last days. That was really powerful and I just need to be reminded of things like that more than I remind myself. Definitely needed some tissues for that one.

And also I don't remember who it was that gave it, but the one about the mother traveling from Prussia to Germany and how she lost her husband, then lost her 4 children along the way -- it was just heart-wrenching.