Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In

,No bueno. Maybe it's because I've been sick and not feeling like working out, but I haven't worked out in a while. And I haven't been eating well... So needless to say, according to my Gold's scale I'm pretty much back to square one.

I'm not discouraged. I'm the culprit. It's my fault. Now I just have to kick my own butt. Sigh.


Clark and Liesel said...

Hey you. Don't give up! It's hard when you have been sick. You will get back in the swing of things once you feel better. :)

I am working on getting my degree through BYU Bachelors of General Studies thourgh Independent Study. I just took Student Development 100. Once I pass this class I can take whatever classes I still need to get my degree. You normally have a year to complete the class online, but for Student Devlopment you only have 6 months and I kinda put it off to the last month or so. Being sick and pregnant I had no desire to study. So, at the end it was a little crazy, but I anticipate other classes in the future not causing so much stress! :)

Laurel said...

Yeah, working out when you're sick is not fun. But you can definitely counteract that by eating better when you are. :) Advice I need to take myself. Good luck this week, though! Get back out there and take on the gym! :)