Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Memoirs

This weekend went by way too fast! We got up on Saturday and cleaned out my car - dejunked it, vacuumed it, and even power-washed the mats (talk about gross-they were filthy). It feels SO nice to drive a clean car!
I heard about this free kidney screening that was going on in Orem, and I figured "what the heck?", so I went to that. Jed came with me, but he didn't get 'screened'. Apparently my blood pressure and cholesterol are great. Woo! I hadn't had very much to drink on Friday or Saturday, so I was kind of dehydrated and when the nurse went to draw blood, she couldn't get a good vein in my arm and ended up drawing it from my hand. That hurt so bad. (And I have a huge bruise from it.)
Our friends, Justin and Amanda, asked us to go out to dinner and a movie with them. Red Robin and James Bond. A winning combination. ;) We/Jed watched the last quarter of the Holy War while we ate. Sadly for Jed, the Utes smoked the Cougars. 48-24. Ouch. Home field advantage, right? ;) The movie was pretty good. $9 good? Maybe not. I could have waited for it to go to the dollar theater, and I'm sure Amanda is right there with me. :)

Yesterday, after church, I was feeling uber productive for some reason. While Jed was cleaning the fish tank, I assembled snowflakes-on-a-string and then we hung them. So it looks like snowflakes are falling from the sky. I did it freshman year in my dorm room and I loved it. It's fun for me. :)
Jed and I made pizza together (so yummy!) and I made artichokes for the first time. After dinner, I googled some artichoke dip recipes, got the general idea, and then improvised my own recipe to use up the stems and hearts. I even broiled the top, parmesan layer. It was so good!
We were going to go to choir practice, but then Jed remembered that 24 was on, so we "had to" stay home and watch that. (Sorry Megan. Next week, I promise!!) It was alright. Nothing too special, if you ask me. I probably should have gone to choir instead...

OH! OH!! OH!!!! I got my loan for this upcoming semester!! Well, it says I qualified for it... It's going to be double what it would have been (to compensate for the idiots in the financial office's mistakes) so I can pay off this past semester's tuition with it too. Phew! :D


Trent and Amelia said...

I remember those cute hanging snowflakes, what a good idea. I wish I could have made them with your- next time you do a fun (and cheap) craft project you should call me up.
Thank you.

Laurel said...

You should post a pic of your hanging snowflakes! :) And I'm glad to hear your school money issues are being taken care of. That's always a big stress, so I'm happy that you don't have to deal with it. Have a fun Tuesday!