Friday, November 14, 2008

Venting, Wallowing in Self-Pity, Etc.

Call it what you want, but I need to write today. This week has been one of the worst weeks ever. (Part of the reason there was no Thankful Thursday yesterday.)

Well most of it is on my last post. But then, after that, yesterday my dad calls me and says that the BYU police called him at work while he was at lunch. (I have NO idea how they got my dad's work number, or how they found out we were related for that matter.) So I have Jed call and just ask for their address so I could send them cash and be done with it (and not have to give them any of my info). She says they can only take card or check because they need my info to link with the car in case they need to hunt me down or something. So then I asked Jed if he would call them back and give them his credit card, or even mine, over the phone. When he called back, the lady said they figured out who I was (and who he was) and they will just post it to my BYU financial account. I was like, fine, whatever, I'll just pay it and never park on campus again. End of story.

Then Jed IM's me and asks what my work phone is because a BYU cop just called his cell number (don't ask how they got that) and needs to talk to me and won't tell Jed anything over the phone. So this Lt. Barber calls me at work and says I need to come in in the next day or two to "have a little chat". I'm thinking "What the heck?" Why can't I just pay it online and be done with this? And I tell him I can't come in because I work the same hours as their office is open, and I work all the way in Lindon. He tells me that I'd better find a way to come in on my lunch break or something. So now I have to leave work early (second time this week) to go to BYU. This is absolutely ridiculous. BYU parking enforcement are not real cops, so me telling them false information cannot/should not be an issue. The lady that Jed talked to said something about Honor Code... However, if I pay the tickets, then they have nothing against me.

I was thinking about just paying it and blowing it off, and I talked to my friend Justin last night (he's a cop) and he told me I could probably just pay it and not go in. But then we decided that if the cop got mad or whatever, he might be able to take it to the Honor Code office and then not only did I tell the pee-on parking enforcement the wrong info, but I never went and talked to this real cop. I'm so sick of BYU. I'll be glad when we never have to deal with them again. The only redeeming quality they have, besides providing a decent education, is that it's cheap. Otherwise I/we would not be going there.

Anyways, this week, in fact this whole month, has just been one thing after another. I feel like I can never get ahead. I'm struggling to stay above water, but I feel like I'm drowning. Jed, bless his heart, is SO supportive and trying his hardest to help me out and be uplifting, but he has no idea what I'm dealing with... Any thoughts, advice, prayers, money would greatly be appreciated. ;)


cornnut32 said...

man, that seriously sucks. my advice: get a lawyer. seriously. byu parking officials really aren't cops. and you're right, the only thing they can do is report you to the honor code office. so if they try to do anything else beyond that then i would definitely get a lawyer.

i hope things go better for you...

the Booth's said...

i've had my run ins with those stupid cops before! I had to go to some court hearing because they though i had all these tickets on my car. Funny thing is is that at that point i didn't own a car, they are dumb!

Amanda said...

We need to have a girls night and just relax and not think about stupid BYU policies...I'm sorry that this is all happening to you. The petition we put in for the SMART grant didn't work so now we are low on funds for school too. I'm not sure how we will survive another two years after undergrad.