Monday, November 3, 2008


These first pictures are of night we (Jed) carved pumpkins at Justin and Amanda's house.
Scooping out the brains...

Jed's brother, Nathan, and our friend Hanna. Nathan had the tiniest pumpkin and turned it into a bear head. Hanna carved a ring of fall leaves around her pumpkin - it was really cute.

Hanna and her husband, Chris, getting tips from Nathan the Artist.

Justin and Amanda had awesome pumpkins! Justin's was complete with drool and Amanda turned her's into an entire house!

Ours is the love one. Kinda lame, I know. But we had no ideas, so I picked it up and drew the first thing that came to mind... :\

Our sappy love pumpkin again...

The next bunch of these are from Halloween night.
We had SO much fun! And I was really proud of our couple costume.

Before you continue, you must watch at least part of this youtube video. It is a local 'celebrity rapper' in Provo, named B-Money, and he was the inspiration for our couple costume this year.

Ok, now you are ready to experience our version of B-Money. Jed was a bumble bee and I was money. Thugged out, of course.
Jed's stinger... (sorry it's sideways)

One of Jed's tattoos

For a picture of my sweet "Hubba Hubba" cape, click HERE!!
One of my tattoos. (Yup, it's a million dollar bill...)

Chelsey the gypsy, Amanda the pumpkin, and Hanna as "Midnight" (the tutu kitty).

The Girls. Chelsey the gypsy, Amanda the pumpkin, Hanna aka Midnight, me as (B-) Money, and Linds the cowgirl.

We showed up and Jed's brother, Nathan, had dressed up like a bee, just like Jed. Not only that, but they had the exact same wings and antenna!! How random is that? Those Goodells... ;)

Adam and Amanda as street signs.

The Guys. Chris #1 as a missionary, Chris #2 as a hitchhiker, Jed as B-(Money), Jamie as a gay cop from the TV show Reno911, Nathan as a bee, and Justin as an undercover cop (technically not a costume for him).

The Mummy Game.

My husband the bee mummy. Haha. Like B-Money... ;)

The aftermath. (It got caught on his stinger...)

The next day Jed and I went for a hike up to the Y. Neither of us had ever been up there.

That was my attempt at a panoramic photo... :)


Manda McDaniel said...

your costumes were awesome! And I love how we all blog at work... so bad!

Seth and Megan said...

Ha ha ha - I loved your costumes!! What a great idea, and super fun pictures. You two are so cute. And Congrats on conquering the Y - that is no easy feat, but rewarding huh? No worries - AT ALL!!! - about the facebook posts stuff, honestly Ali. I don't think any less of you - ever! I think you're absolutely fantastic and great/fun to be around and know. Please don't be offended, I'm sorry if I did. I love looking at your blog always, super cute and super fun! ... We still owe you yummy pumpkin bars.

Laurel said...

Oh my gosh, how funny! I love it! :D Your costumes turned out great and I can't believe how good of a sport Jed was! I'd never be able to convince Nathan to dress up as a bee. You're lucky. :D Too fun!!

Amanda said...

yea! for hiking the "y". Adam and I went last year during homecoming when it was all lit up. It was a fun night hike but it felt like it kept going and going...

Elise said...

How fun!! looks like your halloween and the time leading up to it was just a blast!! and of course, the good old hike to the Y- glad you got to experience it :)

Jed said...
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Clark and Liesel said...

LOVE the Halloween costumes! :)

Brenda Chela said...

Loved your guys' costumes Ali!!!! I'm so glad that you let me know that you had a blog. I've enjoyed reading it! :)