Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful that the election is over with! I'm ok with the fact that Obama is our next president. The tribe has spoken and he was chosen. Nothing we can do about it now except pray for him and the other politicians to make good decisions for our country.

I am also thankful that Prop 8 passed in California. I feel like it sets a standard for the rest of the country (except I've heard that Massachusetts and Connecticut allow gay marriage at this time). Because I have openly supported the passing of this proposition, I have been met by a lot of opposition.
I have been challenged, mocked, put down, and verbally abused. Most of the people who have confronted me about it (some homosexuals, and some not, all of whom are acquaintances) have just been trying to get me to see their side of it (which is totally fine as long as it's done tactfully - I'm not going to shut people out because they view something differently than I do), but some have just been blatantly rude and condescending. I've been called a bigot, I've been told that I am ignorant, ugly, and disrespectful, I've been accused of being a "blind follower" and at the same time I've been told that I'm not living my religion because I'm fat and not living a "healthy life".
All of this in response to my support of Proposition 8 and trying to keep the sanctity of marriage in tact. Is some of this relevant? Yes. But a lot of it has nothing to do with the issue at hand. What was really interesting to me was that the people who were accosting me were not homosexuals. They were straight. The homosexuals that I have talked to have not been hostile, they have been more curious as to why I believe what I do.
For the record, I do not hate gay people, I do not think any less of them as human beings, but I do not condone their lifestyle. Please feel free to comment if you feel so compelled, but I will not approve any rude, offensive, or obtuse comments. **This is still my blog and I have the right to express my thoughts/feelings however I want to - Please be respectful of that, whether you agree with me or not.** (I'm also thankful for my freedom of speech!)

[Update: I have apparently now won "the title of
most hateful ignorant biggot of the year 2008" from onw of my best friend's brother-in-law. That's happy.]


Trent and Amelia said...

wow I agree completely with everything YOU said about how to handle the election results and the importance of the passing of Prop 8. I am also *very* upset with the things people said to you, and now I feel even worse about what I said to you on facebook the other day, of course I was kidding but I still shouldnt have said it. my computer is going crazy right now so I will talk to you later..

portiagroves said...

OK, so i have to say something, cause I've been following what people have been saying about this and its ridiculous! I can't even begin to come up with words to express how i feel about what people are saying about Prop 8 or about the president, but along the way they have forgotten that! I mean its all just personal opinions but people have taken it to the most extreme by hurting people along the way and it seems that when you have gone that far you have totally, 100 %, missed the point about why we are here and why we state what we believe. I don't know if this makes any since, but to all of those who have written mean hurtful things to Ali or to anyone in that matter need to reevaluate who they are as a person. It's cool to have your own opinions and to state those, its actually more than cool, its great! But when you go below yourself to be vindictive your opinions have lost there meaning, they have been thrown out the window. You not only make yourself look mean and horrible, but your opinion has no value anymore, non what so ever, there useless. so please everyone, be nice, be polite, be sincere. No matter what happens in this world, no matter who is elected as president, no matter if our opinions are different or the same, we need to be nice we need to stay united as a people and a country. if we can do that we will be happier about where we are and who we are.