Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy Fun

Busy, busy, busy. This weekend was full of fun stuff!!

Friday - We went to Helaman Halls (my old dorms) because our friend Amanda's little brother, Tommy, opened his mission call - he's going to Monterrey, Mexico. After the get together for him, we went back to our house and Justin & Amanda came over. We just hung out at home and played cards. It was a pretty fun, relaxing night.

No-Stress Saturday - I had breakfast with two friends from my freshman year of college. One of them brought their baby and it was so good to get a 'baby fix'. :) It was great to catch up with them and we ended up staying in the cafeteria for four and a half hours!! (Breakfast and lunch, buffet-style, for $2.50. Can't beat that.) Jed was kind of upset and worried because I left my phone in the car, and we were there for an hour and a half longer than I had told him we'd be.
Right after I got home, Jed and I left for Salt Lake. Our friend, Hanna, works at American Eagle and got us 25% off anything in the store. Jed got a zip-up hoodie and I got a beanie. :) We shopped around some more and then we all headed to The Pie. Justin, Amanda, Heidi, Zach, and Hanna went with us. That place is so fun, and so good.
Saturday was our 100 day anniversary (haha) so Jed and I were planning on celebrating by going to FastKart and racing go carts. Everybody who was with us at dinner came, and Jamie and Lindsey joined us too. That place is so much fun!! Jed won, as usual. And the guy who worked there gave us extra time and special treatment because 'we were all in couples except for Hanna' (even though she's married he was being extra nice to her, and the rest of us).
Jamie, Lindsey, Jed, and I went back to Hanna's with her and hung out, waiting for her husband to get off work. I got to see some of her scrapbooks of the two of them. That was fun. Jamie was hungry, so we went on a Crown Burger run, and then met up with Hanna's husband Chris as he was walking home from work. Jed and I didn't head home until after midnight. It was really fun to hang out with them. I really like Chris and Hanna a lot.

Sunday - My official "sleep in" day because our church doesn't start until 1:00. After church, Jed and I drove back up to SLC. This time to go to my grandparents' house for Sunday dinner because it was my aunt's birthday this past week. It was good to see everybody since we hadn't seen most of them since our wedding...

And today is Monday. It's dark and rainy outside. I'm bored at work. And BYU is telling me I owe them $4000 for a mistake they made. Can I go to Vegas now??

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