Friday, November 21, 2008

Purple Blood

For those of you who don't know, I have purple blood. It's a genetic thing. Better than blue blood. (That would be a lack of oxygen and when you don't get oxygen to your brain, your brain cells die.) Both of my parents went to the University of Utah and then my dad got his masters degree at Brigham Young University. Currently I'm in school at BYU, but if all were equal (cost, same degrees offered, etc.), I'd for sure be at the U. I'm a fan of BYU sports, until they play the U. Then I pretty much just root for whoever is winning. Ha! Pathetically unloyal, huh? :)

Anyways, the HOLY WAR is this weekend. Honestly, I don't care who wins. Purple, remember?


Life in Boston... said...

Yeah for Purple blood as you win either way!

caitlinhart said...

how did I not know this? Purple blood... wow... does it glow in the dark?