Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Update with Norm McDonald (& Ali Goodell)

This weekend Jed and I went to our ward camp out and met a few couples in our ward. It's tough being new in an established family ward where everyone knows everyone else! But Jed and I kind of did our own thing and had a good time just being with each other. One couple we sat with at breakfast in the morning volunteers at the Food & Care Coalition in downtown Provo. They needed a few extra hands that night and asked if we would be willing to help out. Of course we said yes - service is always an uplifting experience, and we figured that we could get to know people from the ward at very least.

We show up and it's us and three old couples (granted it was Saturday evening, but we were out of there by 6:00). Jed and I were assigned to get the food trays out of the window and hand them out to those sitting at the tables in the "dining room". Little did we know that there is no rhyme or reason to where people sit, therefore we have no idea who came in "next", so when we hand food to "the wrong person" we get glares and mean words shot at us. Most of the people were nice and appreciative, but there were a good number that were rude and demanding. If we do it again, I want to be one of the people putting the food on the trays, not out in the dining room.

For my Marriage Enhancement class, we have a big project due at the end of the semester where we pick from a list of things we can do to improve our marriage. One of them is 15 hours of service with your spouse. We served for two hours that night. Maybe I'll choose that as my project. Then again, maybe not...

Our friends Justin and Amanda invited us over for dinner last night. Amanda is Susy Homemaker of the Millennium! She made a fabulous dinner, complete with yummy sourdough bread it took her over a week to make! Props to Manda! :D Their new house is GREAT! I'm bordering jealousy... But you take what you can get when you're first married. And I'm ok with that for now, as long as we eventually get out of our current 'standard of living'. :)

Oh, and we got new fish. And we're cleaning out the house and chucking stuff we don't need that's in the way, so we can hopefully start having people over and entertaining. Be looking for your invitation in the mail...

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Amanda Nielsen said...

sweet! you have my address, right? :P