Friday, September 26, 2008

High School Flashback

I so wish I had a picture from high school to post with this. I'm pretty sure all of those pictures have been burned. Or they're at my parents' house. One of the two. :)

1. Did you date someone from your school? Kevin, but he had already graduated when we started dating.
2. What kind of car did you drive? 1993 Isuzu Amigo! That car was the *sweetest* car ever - good memories.
3. What was the most embarrassing moment of HS? I tend to block those I'm sorry to say I don't remember any.
4. Were you a party animal? :)
5. Were you considered a flirt? Queen Flirt
6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? Choir all four years
7. Were you a nerd? No, but I was in AP classes, so I was around them quite a bit.
8. Were you on any varsity teams? Varsity choir count? It's a team...
9. Did you get suspended/expelled? Not in high school...
10. Can you still sing the fight song? Couldn't then, can't now. Don't care. I do remember "Strike 'Em Rattlers!" though.
11. Who were your favorite teachers? Mrs. Montgomery (Calc), Mrs. Schaeffer, Coach Mac, and Mrs. Ross because she was a pushover
12. Where did you sit during lunch? Depends on the day/year. With friends, or at the "mormon table", or fast food or home my senior year.
13. School mascot? Rattlers
14. Did you go to homecoming, and with who? Yeah, Mike Villarreal and Ben Terry
15. If you could go back and do it again, would you? No thanks. I'm so over it.
16. What do you remember most about graduation? It was SO LONG. And Project Graduation was a BLAST!
17. Where did you go on senior skip day? I had NUMEROUS skip days...I specifically remember one with Kim Roberts after we went to Cowboy Breakfast and bummed around town all day
18. Were you in any clubs? I was secretary of FCCLA and I was in NHS
19. Have you gained some weight since then? HA! I refer you to my previous post...
20. Who was your prom date? Read 14 again. One of them...I forget which dance was with which guy...
21. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? Maybe. I hope I can. There are a bunch of people I'd love to see.
22. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself? Take my AP classes/exams. So worth it.

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