Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Photo Catch-up

Balboa Beach - Our Labor Day trip to visit Laurel

Jed's toes - just the nails weren't covered. Weird.

The man I fell in love with...

I just love him!

I think we're cute together

This is when we stopped for a roller coaster ride on the way back.

Ward camp out.

Jed made me smile... Haha.

This is us at the butt-crack of dawn (like 9am on a Saturday)

And this is Jed "being modest". I love my husband.
This is just to prove that we do take pictures, even though we don't always plan ahead and include them in our posts. :)

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Jill Rogers said...

Ali- Thanks for the comment!

I actually know your hubby! I worked with Jed at the GSD.