Friday, September 26, 2008

Corn Maze. Be There.

K Bull 97 teamed up with the Cornbelly's Corn Maze (at Thanksgiving Point) and they are letting you in the maze for a whopping dollar. $1. That's all it takes to get in tonight and tomorrow. The link to the voucher/coupon is and the link to the Cornbelly's website is ***Sorry, my blogger isn't working so well and won't insert a link***
Jed and I will be there tomorrow morning. We hope to see you there too!! :D

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Elise said...

Fun times! Enjoy it for me!! So glad things are going great for you and Jed- It's nice to keep up with people on their blogs- And WAY TO GO on your exercise plan. You are an inspiration to me! I've started a workout plan too and it really does just make me feel So much better. You'll have to keep me posted on your progress and vice versa!!!