Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked and Walked and Walked and Walked

Yesterday was Pioneer Day here in Utah. I guess I can't make too much fun of it because it gives us an extra holiday. Well, most people get an extra holiday - I had to work, but that's ok because then I get the Friday after Thanksgiving off and I'd rather take that day off anyway.
My coworkers threw me a combined Bridal Shower/Pioneer Day BBQ. We have a grill and a basketball court in the back of our building, so we just grilled and had a potluck lunch. Jed didn't have to go to work yesterday, so he got to come to the BBQ and meet everybody which was nice. We got some good advice and some good presents (the theme was centered around food, so everyone brought a recipe and then ingredients to make it with). It really was a lot of fun!

On a sad note, our dear friend Krabby died yesterday. He was our favorite guy in the tank. :(
We will have to get another fiddler crab because they are SO interesting and entertaining to watch.
After work, I was able to go home and take a short nap (it was an hour and I still woke up tired!) before Jed and I headed out to Salt Lake to meet up with my family to celebrate Pioneer Day. It's been so fun to have my mom, my sisters, and my nephews here this week, and be able to spend time with them! We all went out to Nancy's house and had dinner and played games until the fireworks started. Nate is so big! He's still my special little buddy though. Emily told me that they had a talk and Nate said that he didn't want me to get married because then I would go away and he would never see me again. It was so tender. He's still a little weary of Jed (last night he made Jed the "bad guy" who we had to "beat up"), but I think he'll warm up to him. ;) Aidan is huge too! Last time I saw him, at Christmas, he was only a few months old and still 'newborn'. Now he's crawling and drinking out of bottles and making faces. It's crazy how fast children change and grow up!
The fireworks show was pretty neat and the younger kids really like doing their own fireworks in front of Nancy's house (once we got a lighter that worked...). I wish I could say that there weren't any injuries, but I (yes, me. it was partly my fault) was helping Eli with a sparkler and as soon as it went out (while it was still hot), he put his hand on it and burned himself. I felt really bad for him. Poor guy. :( But we got ice and a bandaid on it, so I think we will be all better soon.

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