Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hello. Mostly Wedding Info.

Countdown to Wedding Day: Four weeks.

So this is our new blog. It will mostly be me, Ali, who posts and manages this portal into our lives. Thanks for being interested in us. :D

This blog is kind of a lie for the next four weeks. I am not a Goodell yet. Oh well. I have eternity to be a Goodell... I will enjoy my funky, hard-to-pronounce last name while I can. :)

Ceremony info:
Date-July 31, 2008
Place-Salt Lake Temple
Time-Late Morning

Reception info:
Date-August 1, 2008
Place-University of Utah Alumni House
Time- 7-9pm

Colors: Light Blue & Dark Brown

Emily Busath Murdock
Laurel Busath Lakey
Angela Busath
Serena Goodell
Katy Hoke Hartung
Kimberly Roberts Keay
Amanda Bratt Nielsen
Amelia Lunt Savage


Chris Goodell
Nathan Goodell
Matthew Goodell
Jesse Goodell
Weston Goodell
Thomas Busath

Jeffrey Busath
Nathan Lakey

1 comment:

Trent and Amelia said...

Yea! I am soo glad yall have a blog! And I am super excited about the wedding... its so soon!
Can't wait to play rockband with yall again sometime soon. Oh, and did yall even get your tent??