Friday, October 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday - Friday Edition

We got a new layout!!! I'm so thankful to my friend Amanda for walking me through the process and helping me out. Now I can change it more often and not lose all my applications and stuff. Thank you Amanda!!

"What's some new good news in your life, Ali?"
-"Well, I'm glad you asked. I got a NINETY SEVEN on one of my finals this week!!! Yup. 97!"

Also, Jed and I went to a chemistry magic show on campus last night. I was a little too "teachy" (lots of definitions and chemical technical talk about elements and such), but the experiments/magic acts were pretty sweet.

I pretty much came up with the BEST Halloween costume for this year, but it will only be funny for people who live in Provo, or have knowledge about this thing. Sorry, Mom. But I'll fill you in after the fact. Can't ruin the surprise. ;) (For all of those in "Jed's From-Home Circle": Get EXCITED!!)

Peace Out!


Laurel said...

Yay for new designs! :) It looks really cute.

cornnut32 said...

97! i'm green with envy.

and your page is super duper cute!

the Booth's said...

i just found your blog! By the way it is really cute and i didn't realize you hung out with so many san antonio people still! It is crazy to see there pictures!