Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Halloween Fun!

This weekend was super fun! On Saturday morning, I went garage sale hopping with Amanda. So much fun! I hadn't done that since high school with my mom. I got a recipe book holder/splatter guard and a star cake pan (I already had a bigger one, so now I can make a two-tiered cake!). There weren't very many garage sales; I think it was because the game was going on.

Jed, his brother Nathan, and I drove up to Salt Lake to meet up with Chris and Hanna and go to the Monster Bash at the Gallivan Center. It was definitely geared towards kids, but I had a good time, and it was free. We got to see a reptile/snake show with a ginormous sea turtle and a 14-foot python, among others. They also dropped a couple pumpkins from the ladder of a fire truck. That was pretty cool. They were supposed to have a magic show, but the loser bailed the day before. I was disappointed.

We went to a church dinner/social that night and met some nice people. I still don't feel like we're "in" with the congregation. I think it will come though, and I bet we'll be sad when we eventually have to move.

After the dinner, we went over to Justin & Amanda's house for pumpkin carving. A bunch of our friends were there and it was a lot of fun to see everybody. I chose not to carve a pumpkin, but I did draw the design for ours and Jed carved it. He did a wonderful job, even though the drawing was super girlie and not at all scary/Halloweenish. Meanwhile, I ate Amanda's amazing cookies with pumpkin custard (don't worry - Amanda makes good-for-you things). ;)
The night wrapped up with Justin using his stun gun on someone, and then on himself, and watching The Sixth Sense. Classic.

Sunday night, we had a small group of people Jed works with, and their significant others, over for dinner. It was so much fun! I made crock pot stroganoff and it was heavenly!! Everyone commented on how good it was - YAY! :D Emily brought yummy salad and biscuits and Megan brought really good pumpkin bars that she said could've been better. I thought they were delic as is! (Hence the reason the plate she left us was gone in a day...) Oops! :/

We had plans to go a friend's house Halloween night and dress up and watch movies, eat food, whatever. I wasn't too excited about Halloween until I decided on the PERFECT costumes for Jed and I, and we bought all the stuff for them (this past Friday). Well then yesterday, one of the guys from the party "group" decides to go off and plan a concert/party at his house that night. Now the original get together has been cancelled and everyone is going to this show. Jed and I do not want to celebrate Halloween by seeing a cruddy band we've never heard of, surrounded by people we don't know (or care to). Now we're looking at having people over to watch Hocus Pocus(!!!) and eat food. No costumes. No changing plans last minute.


portiagroves said...

Hey! You guys should still come its going to be so fun and the band is fun and happy. They're a funk band and it has brass instruments in the band! And then were going to Chelsey's and Calvin's to watch movies and drink wassel. So you guys should stop by for a bit! Everyone +friends are invited to both party's
:) WOOO for Halloween Party's!

Laurel said...

Of course, you could always come over to our house and go trick or treating with Eli. :) I'm way curious about your costumes now! You'd better tell me what they are. (or am I in the crowd that won't get it??) Anyhoo, seriously, just make the trip down here. LOL. :)