Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sunflower Market

Last night Jed and I went to the Sunflower Market. If you live in the Provo area and you ever eat any kind of produce, run over to the Sunflower Market! The produce is SUPER cheap (at least we thought so...) and it's not all picked over and gross. We stocked up! Now we can incorporate healthy, yummy fruits and vegetables into our diet quickly and easily. We also got agave nectar (which tastes like *light, fluffy* honey syrup). I'm so excited to try it on things! Pancakes tonight?? :D

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cornnut32 said...

i LOVE the sunflower market. they just built one here in murray too. you're right--the produce is cheap, even cheaper than wal-mart, and better quality. a lot of it is organic, too. their meat is really good, too. we tried some of their bratwurst and it was delish! i also love all of their nuts and dried fruit. it's super healthy and very yummy! great for snacking on.