Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Update From A Scatter-Brained Crazy Lady

I have been so scatter-brained and here and there and everywhere that I haven't kept you updated. My deepest apologies. I know your weekday doesn't start until you know of the latest happenings in the lives of the Goodells. ;)

Tuesday (Weight Doctor): I went to a doctor's appointment, someone my friend Kim referred me to. This doctor, Dr. D, specializes in weight. I got a body analysis (weight, lean body mass, fat body mass, amount of water retention, etc.) that we will use to track my progress every month, I got a B-6/B-12 shot in the arm (those are hurty!), and a diet analysis. Now I'm eating lots throughout the day, every two hours to be exact (NO mayo or butter, and minimal carbs). I also am supposed to walk 30 minutes a day. None of this is rocket science, or measuring proportions, or counting calories, or overworking myself with exercise. It's simple. Hopefully it will work - of course I'll keep you posted.
---- On a side note, the reason I haven't posted a weigh-in recently is because I was on my mom's scale, then we were at the other Gold's, and now we have our own scale that I've been using this week. I'm going to the original Gold's, with my original scale, on Wednesday. I'll find out what I weigh on that one and then go home and compare it to my new scale, and we'll be up and running again. ----

Wednesday (Gym): After class and dinner, Jed and I went to the 9th East Gold's with Amanda and worked out (Yay!). Watched a little of the tube when we got home, and then went to bed.

Thursday (Concert): After class, Jed and I went to Madeline's Steakhouse for dinner. It was oh-so-yummy! I got a salad with citrus vinaigrette dressing (I wish I could find some at the store, but they don't sell it. I'm going to try some recipes from and see if I can't get a good one. If not, Brianna's Blush Wine is always a good choice.) and grilled chicken with BBQ sauce and diced tomatoes and onions on top. SO delicious! AND I only cheated my diet with the one roll I ate, but it was swimming in garlic butter... :(The main reason we went to Madeline's was because it was on the way to Jed's favorite band (Streetlight Manifesto)'s concert in SLC, at this crappy, hole-in-the-wall venue called The Avalon Theater. It's an old theater (hence the name) that they turned into a venue. But there are black stadium benches in it and people were tripping all over them. Dumb. Anyways, we got there in time to see the last opening band, Fear Nuttin Band. Jed and I both really liked their style (even though we couldn't make out half of the lyrics because of their strong Jamacian accents) and were even going to buy a CD, but we didn't have any cash. :( Then Streetlight came on and the crowd went wild. We were in the mosh pit with a hundred smelly, sweaty, grungy dudes with long nappy hair, pushing us, jumping up and down, and whipping their long, sweaty hair around. Reminded me of high school all over again and going to loud concerts. Memories. :)Friday (Graduation Party): Our dear friend Kim just graduated from nursing school and we went to her house to celebrate. Her family was in town (such a treat to hang out with them and to see her mom again) and we had a great night. The guys grilled outside while us girls chatted it up inside. The food was yummy and then after most people left, we watched the Office (Jed and I missed it because of the concert, so they let us watch it since they TiVo'd it. Then we played Rock Band into the night. The party was a blast, and we're so proud of Kim. Way to go!! PS- We have LOTS of pictures from this night. They'll make an appearance soon.
Saturday (No Stress): Meals and I got together (I swear it had been a whole month since I had seen her) for breakfast - Kneader's all-you-can-eat french toast. Death by french toast. Actually we did really well, only 2-3 pieces each. But those were definitely the best 2.5 pieces of french toast I've ever had. It was SO good to be with Meals and catch up on everything and have a girls date. :) I love that girl. I'm going to be super sad when they move. Might even spiral into a depression and lie in bed for weeks on end. It could happen, let's not kid ourselves.
I went home and Jed had cleaned the house in the two hours I was gone. It was so refreshing, and such a weight off my shoulders. I have the best hubby. The rest of the day was, as usual, a "no stress Saturday" - we went shopping and bummed around the house. That night we went on a walk by the temple. Exercise and a view. Wonderful.

Sunday (Dinner Guest): After church, where I was introduced in RS for like the fourth time (I've been sick/out of town a bit since we moved here), Jed and I made dinner together (I'm so grateful that Jed helps out). Mexican lasagne and salad, with my famous cookies for dessert. Jed went and picked up his brother, Nathan, who lives pretty close, and he joined us for dinner. It was really yummy if I do say so myself. Then we watched Simpsons and Family Guy and just hung out the rest of the night.

Mexican Lasagne:
1lb. ground beef
lasagne noodles
taco seasoning
1/8c. water
1c. medium salsa
1c. olives
1 sm. can green chiles (opt - will make it a bit hotter)
2c. cheddar cheese
1c. jalapenos (opt - even hotter)

Brown meat and cook noodles while you cut up olives. Drain meat and add taco seasoning and water. Add salsa, olives, and chiles.
Cover bottom of 9x13 pan with meat mixture (it can't be too thick or you'll run out of meat mixture), then a layer of noodles, then cheese. Repeat and then end with a layer of noodles, and cheese on top. Sprinkle jalapenos on top and bake at 400* for 40 minutes. Top layer of noodles may be a bit crispy.
**You can substitute flour tortilla strips for noodles - bake 20 minutes** (I haven't tried this way)


Jed said...

Ali loved dancing to streetlight just so everyone knows. Shes really had fun.

Laurel said...

Wow, I feel totally caught up in the lives of the Goodells! Woohoo! :) Sounds like a really fun week. Hope this week is just as great!

Mama Llama said...

Laurel, take that costume off girl, you look like a fool!
Ali, I'm so proud of you and your journey so far. I'm really happy that you are taking this seriously, our health is so important! Keep it up, you'll be passing me up in no time! :)

Trent and Amelia said...

Does your scale really look like that- with the animals instead of numbers?! that would be pretty sweet.
Thanks for coming to breakfast with me, that was soo fun!! You are the best person to talk about life with, we should do it more often, make it a more regular thing.

Trent and Amelia said...

I take it back, the animals on the scale thing probably isn't that "sweet". That would make me feel really sad when I step on the thing and an elephant come flying into view.

Life in Boston... said...

Wow, you guys have been busy. I will have to try your recipe as it sounds good. The best weight loss I can give you and what worked for me was a low carb diet, where I practice portion control and kept a food diary of everything I ate. A food journal really keeps you on track. Plus, I exercise 45 minutes a day and I started by walking everyday and gradually building up to running. Just do what works for you. You can always email me for more advice (