Friday, October 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday - Friday Edition

This weekend was so much fun. Sorry I'm so late posting about it, and sorry there are lots of pictures, but who doesn't like to see pictures?This week I am thankful that Jed & I were able to snag a GREAT deal, thanks to THIS BLOG. We went to the Cornbelly's Corn Maze (for a whopping dollar!!) with the Keays and Justin McDaniel. Justin's wife, Amanda, couldn't go because she had to work a booth at this fun (not so fun for her) market(?) in Pleasant Grove called The Holy Cow Boutique.

Can you see Justin punching the monster's hangy ball??

This was an action shot

This was the trampoline blob. It's hard to describe. It's like a trampoline bubble that comes out of the ground.

Now this little gem [see below, not the trailer above] is something I picked up at the Holy Cow Boutique. We went to visit Amanda since she was stuck working and couldn't go to the corn maze with us, and there were *tons* of cute booths and fun crafts. It reminded me so much of Texas.
It's kind of dark and hard to read (sorry) but it says "Where families become forever" and it's got a picture of three of the steeples of the Salt Lake temple, where Jed and I were married. It's hanging in our living room if you want to see it in real life. ;)


Laurel said...

Awww, how cute!

My favorite picture is the one of you and the corn guy. Classic Ali. Now, if you only had that one, the one of you and the inflatable guy on the cruise, and the one with Angela and the pointing dude in Laguna Beach, it would be a complete set. :)

Seth and Megan said...

I'm jealous! Seth and I totally should have went - we were so lazy that morning though. I LOVE your new wall decoration - that is beautiful. What a project (fun one though) it is to decorate an apartment you're renting as poor college students :)