Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exactly the Same

I weigh exactly the same as last week, to the tenth. I'm actually really surprised I didn't gain anything because I was really bad this weekend, and on Monday. :\
But yay! Now I know that if I actually stick with what I'm supposed to, I can lose it fairly well!!


Life in Boston... said...

Good job Ali. That is a good sign as your body is adjusting to what you are doing, especially your metabolism. I know too much about this. Let me know if it is ever too much. Keep it up.

Barlow Family said...

Keep up the good work, you'll get there, I PROMISE! One trick I've learned is that I keep two big water bottles in the fridge, they have to be empty before I go to bed, even if it means getting up a dozen times during the night. : ) It helped to get me back in the water drinking routine. : )

Laurel said...

That's a good suggestion for the water from Susie. That will help you feel more full and also make your skin look better! :)