Friday, February 6, 2009

I Don't Get It

Our friend, Emily, recently won a fabulous make-over from the blog Seriously, So Blessed. (That's not the part I don't get - she is an amazing woman and totally deserved the make-over!) I had heard of this blog many times because apparently it's a big-wig in the Utah Mormon blog circle. It's this blog written by four Mormon girls about how silly Mormon/Utah culture is and they frequently poke fun at the social norms associated with such. That's not the part I don't get either - who hasn't made fun of this? It's so easy... Anyways, I've visited the site a few times when I've seen people mention it (i.e. when Emily was a finalist in this great make-over contest) and aside from the fact that Emily won their contest and was positively affected by the blog and it meant a lot to her, I DON'T get it!

I do not understand the fascination with this blog. It's not funny to me. The girls who contribute to it sound like a bunch of high school (no, middle school) airheads - their grammar is horrible, they can't spell to save their lives, and their posts are always written in ALL sorts of FONTS!! It's ridiculous! And hard to read! Did I mention that they throw exclamation points on the end of almost every sentence?!?! It's a mess. These paragraphs, copied and pasted from the blog, illustrate my point (colors added for emphasis, and I ran out of patience finding all of the errors...):
"LOL! Turns out the historic celebration wasn't a suprise for ME--which is ok bc I can't go on cruise's this preggie--it was more Brock stuff. LOL! Thought all of that election stuff wrapped up like Halloween or something? WIERD it was still going on like months and months later but cool I guess, Brock's a total babe and seriously I love black people. My old roommate was friends with one that had the most darling hair. As far as poli-tickle stuff goes, yawwwwwn.

Bragging is so lame, so I won't, but I'd be taking my blessing's for granite if me and feti didn't publicly say GOOD JOB ON GETTING STRAIGHT A's AGAIN JJWT!! Thanx for helping me outrank the other wives. This calls for a banner made w/ help from my Cricut! :) Love you babe!

Anyways, can I seriously just share my sadness for a sec???? This girl in my ward brings her kids to
{pitypout-cringe} DAYCARE which just makes my heart hurt for there whole fam and all the wrong choices her kids are prolly about to make bc of her. :( Not to judge but I just fill so sad for them and could NEVER do that to my feti."

So I just thought I'd throw that out there... I'd love feedback, in either direction.

Emily, you look fantastic by the way! :D

***UPDATE: This blog is managed by one lady and apparently she's "playing dumb" on purpose. Still don't get it. In fact, I get it even less now that I know this...***


Laurel said...

Just looking over the blog quickly (I've never read it before) it looks like all that stuff is intentional and is supposed to be a parody of all the "Mormon mommy blogs" out there right now. So yeah, even though it's annoying, they're doing that on purpose to make fun of other blogs. It's actually pretty hilarious. :) Just my two cents worth.

Jenny said...

The interviewed the lady that does it on KSL. There's an article about it online...

The author is currently in grad school. Nerdy me actually looked it up. :)

I've never actually introduced myself. I'm Jed's friend Jenny from WV. Not just some random stalker person that reads your blog.

Jed said...

yeah that may be true but even so,i dont get what is so funny either. seems dumb to me

caitlinhart said...

um... just that small tidbit you put on your blog made me cringe... although it's a parody, it's disgusting and I doubt I could get through more... although I'd love to see what your friend looks like with her makeover! Pictures!

e. said...

I was like you at first, Ali but the more I read it the funnier it got because the Mormon culture is full of cliches and weird ideals. The woman who writes it is a Masters student who is totally down to earth and thinks that the "Mormon mentality" is so dumb thus her blog. Give it another chance. If you've ever picked fun at any of your fellow "sisters", you might just find yourself stalking it. :)