Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Foto Fix

A few months ago, Jed and I were in the Wilkinson Center on BYU campus and this picture caught my eye because my Grandpa Busath was a "Yell Leader" (not a cheerleader) when he was at BYU. [Sorry for the bad quality...the lighting there was not helpful.]
So I take a closer look and sure enough, my grandpa is one of the guys in this picture, hanging in the student center on campus, some 50 years later. How cool is that?
He's the one in the middle. Today is his 75th birthday! February 13th, between Lincoln's birthday and Valentine's Day - that's why he claims he's so honest and lovable! ;)
Happy Birthday Grandpa!! You're an amazing man and an inspiration to those who have the pleasure of knowing you. I am so grateful that you are in my life and that Jed and I can spend this special time with you.

Ping Pong Tournament
I was so surprised by how many of the contestants had their own paddles. So of these guys were incredibly good. And just so you know, there is a ping pong club that meets every Tuesday night (7:00 I think) in the Wilk, in case you just want to play a pick-up game or something. FYI.

Jed did pretty well, considering he didn't practice and hadn't played in months - he was just a little bit rusty. He lasted a few rounds, but eventually he lost to the guy who ended up getting 3rd place, out of 70. Not too bad. I'm very proud of Jed. He did a wonderful job!

These are just a few random shots I took at the tournament. It is Friday Foto Fix afterall. :)

This guy had a really crippled hand and severe limp - we think Cerebral Palsy - but he was really, really good. Good for this guy!

Waiting our turn...

Can you see the ball on this one?
This was the trophy for the winner! I got a kick out of it.

Jed's paddle case. He picked this little gem up in Chile. Can ya tell? :)


Laurel said...

That is awesome that you found Grandpa in that picture! I never would have thought to look! :) And I can't believe Jed has his own paddle case. He must really be into it. :)

Jenny said...

That's so neat that your Grandpa is in that picture! I know it well. I used to do custodial work in the Wilkinson Center on the weekend nightshift. We had the building to ourselves from 10pm-6am on Friday night and Saturday night, so I know the building pretty well. I always wondered if those people knew that there were pictures up of them.