Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Memoirs

Before I tell you about my weekend, let me start by saying that I lost 3 pounds this week!! :D

Saturday was our anniversary, but we celebrated all weekend. On Friday, we went out to dinner at this great Italian restaurant. Then we went to see Inception, since everyone is raving about it on Facebook these days. It was my first IMAX! The movie was great, and the company was better.

On Saturday, we slept in and had a relaxing day at home. We played Mario together and watched a couple of movies, and then went swimming at night.

I was sick yesterday, so I just chilled in bed all day and watched movies. Jed made me dinner and then we played some more Mario (it's really fun on the Wii, even though I suck really bad).


alyssa said...

Which Mario? If you guys have Mario Kart, I know Jordan will want to race you online :) We also have the Super Mario Bros for the Wii and we love it!

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a terrific weekend.

Heather said...

You bought the Mario game? I knew it! :)