Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Memoirs

On Thursday, our friend from Jed's home town, Dan, came to visit us. Our first house guest! We were going to go to a baseball game, but the pansy boys decided it was too hot. It was only like 101. I could see if it had been 105, but 101?? Come on guys!
We drove around downtown Fort Worth, went to the stockyards, and had some yummy BBQ and the local place, Charby's. Dan hit it off with the waitress and had her rolling! What a charmer! ;)

On Friday, Jed came home for a few hours in the morning and we all went to brunch at this quaint little cafe where all the old regulars were chatting it up. Cute place, good food, lots of Cadillacs and Buicks in the parking lot.

After I got Dan safely on his flight (PS - the DFW airport charges you $1 to be on its grounds, from 0-30 minutes, no matter what - super lame) and Jed got home from work, we had another one of Jed's friends over. Sergio was Jed's roommate at Gravytrains and he was in town for work. We were going to go out to dinner, but when he got here, he said he wasn't hungry, but would watch us eat. No thanks. So we chatted for a long two hours and then he left. And we were right on his heels because we were supposed to have left to go to my sister's house to help her move an hour earlier.

We ended up being of no help to her move because it was so late by the time we got there. But we all went out to dinner anyways, so it worked out.

On Saturday, I watched the kids while the menfolk moved the heavy stuff and Emily directed traffic. Their new house is nice and big, and we have our own room and bathroom there! Woo!

Jed got a new calling yesterday. Deacon's quorum advisor - teaching on Sunday. He's excited about the activities and scouting and stuff, but this may be a challenge calling since there are only about 2-3 boys who come each week and 2 of them have ADHD. I have faith that he'll do a great job and he will be blessed, as well as the boys.

Today I did Jillian's 30 Day Shred for the first time in probably 6 weeks. I really think it's harder to come back than it is when you start for the first time. But I'm going to stick with it!

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