Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Memoirs

Last Tuesday I took Jed on a surprise date. Aerosmith and Blue October. I thought I loved Blue October because I like this song and this song. LOVE this song. But apparently those are the only good songs they have - the rest were, like, scream-o-ish. :/ And I thought I knew Aerosmith, but I only knew one of the six or so songs we heard before we left (Jed knew all of them - it was a surprise date for him after all). I think the best part was when Steven Tyler came out in a Lady Gaga-inspired ankle-length coat covered in silver sequins. Fabulous!

Wednesday was my interview with the lady from Big Brothers Big Sisters. It went well. The next step will be to get matched with a "Little", whom I will visit at school once a week. I'm excited!

I spent Friday with my sister's boys while she attempted to make a dent in the packing effort (they're moving this weekend). We went on a walk, colored, played Wii, got a frosty, and played in the sprinklers. Good times.

Saturday was full of shopping, movies, and laundry. Be jealous.

I made a new friend at church yesterday. Came home and had brisket for dinner, thanks to Jed's sudden desire to be one with the Texas culture. Or something like that.

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