Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Hairy Situation

This was my hair two weeks ago:

This was the picture I brought in to the salon:

This is what I said to the lady:
"And could you also thin my hair? Thanks." (My hair is SUPER thick and I get it thinned every time I cut it.)

This is what she did:
Cut the top layer shorter than the rest in order to "thin it out". (Usually they use thinning shears underneath the hair.)

This is what I walked out of the salon looking like (the smile is fake - I was livid):
Oh, and she didn't get a tip - I've never stiffed a hair stylist before.

Does THIS look like....................................................................................THIS???
Uh, not even close!!

Since the lady did an awful job on my hair, and didn't even really thin it out, I had to go out and buy a pair of thinning shears (I wasn't about to go back and ask her to to thin it out - she'd probably just take more off the top!). Now on top of the haircut, I spent $15 on thinning shears. I shouldn't have paid for the haircut in the first place, I know.

The good thing is that now I can thin my hair in between cuts. And I know which salon NOT to go to!
This is all of the hair that I thinned myself:

This is the color of my hair after I dyed it "Dark Ash Blonde" (and left it in for 10 minutes longer than I was supposed to):
Yeah, not really blonde, at all. More of a honey color.

I feel like I look like a 30-something soccer mom. No offense to yous guys, but I'm 24! And I don't even have kids!
It is easier to manage, but I'm still not in love with how it looks. Give it two months and maybe I'll like it. After it's grown out. :/


caitlinhart said...

I think you look beautiful even with the undesired haircut... it looks like it swings well... definitely not what you asked for though :( so sorry. Maybe you should come to austin next time for your haircut.. I've got an AMAZING guy. He always delivers what I want.

Kirsten said...

it turned out cute :)...but I know what it's like to have a hair cut you didn't ask for. grrr!! As a stylist, BE CAREFUL using the texturizing shears on yourself!! A lot of people do this, and sometimes cut too close the scalp, not realizing that you're actually taking off a lot more than you want and you end up with 1/2 inch pieces randomly throughout your hair, so when it starts to grow out, it looks like you have all these uneven layers. GREAT tool to have, just be really super careful!

alyssa said...

I really hate when hair stylists don't listen to you or do whatever they want to do. That's why I only go to people I know now! I LOVE your haircut though, it looks great!