Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Foto Fix

Last Thursday Jed and I went to the Nickelcade with the Nielsens.
This is the game I could (and did) spend all night playing.

My cute hubby racing on the snowmobile game.

Adam and Amanda - I think he won.

We went camping with the Burkes last Friday.
Jed was on a phone call and disappeared. He later returned with this load.

We made banana boats and they were so good!!

It started raining and luckily our table was under a tree, so we all huddled on it.
This is the group, minus me.
[Jed, Calvin & Chelsey Cook, Chad Farnes, Seth & Megan Burke, Erik & Portia Westesen]

And here's us again, minus Porch.

Jed's family has been in town this week and we got to go to the Oquirrah Temple Open House last night.
The beautiful temple!

The happy couple.

My Uncle Gary was a Mission President in Mexico and they got back from that tonight.
This is the whole extended family (minus my family) at the airport to greet them.

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