Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Road To Hell paved with good intentions. Jed and I really did have good intentions to go to the Provo Temple last night, but it didn't happen.

After my appointment with the Honor Code office... (Remember this post? And this one? - Yeah, both Jed and I were turned in for "lying". Jed had already done his time and it was my turn. The counselor said it would more than likely just be a "warning". Phew!) Jed and I went to Jiffy Lube to get a crack in my windshield fixed and to get his safety/emissions done.

My car was done fast, so while we waited for Jed's car, we went to DI because Jed needed to buy a computer hard drive for a school project. Luckily we found one (they are really rare at places like DI), but not before a lady came and sat in the rocking chair next to me, looked around really awkwardly, and then proceeded to nurse her baby under a nylon jacket that kept falling down. Any time someone would look at her, she'd stare them down, like they were in the wrong for wondering what the heck she was doing. I really hope she didn't get that jacket off the rack...but then again she is nursing her baby in a public store, on a hand-me-down rocking chair. Anything is possible with this woman.
Oh! Not only did we get the pleasure of witnessing nasty baby lady, but we also got to be serenaded by this family of Mexican children playing a video game the entire time we were there. I'm pretty sure the volume was up full-blast. When a lady asked one of the employees a question about the gaming console, the father of the children pipes up "Oh, no, it's not for sale. We brought that from home." What?!? 1. Why would you buy a gaming console without owning a TV? 2. Why would you make it a family night at DI? 3. Why does DI allow people to just hang out all night, playing on their stuff? What's next? A concession stand?

We went back and paid for Jed's car, but left it there while we went to Sam's Club (Yes, I know. Costco is much better, but Jed already had the membership before I met him.) to get some things. By the time we left Sams, we were in starvation mode, so we bypassed getting Jed's car and made a beeline for the house. Jed made spaghetti while I whipped up some cheesy biscuits. (I had to make them for my cooking class anyways, and they were delish!) By the time we ate, it was already 8:15 and we still had to eventually pick up Jed's car and go up to campus for some homework before the building closed at 10.

So now I am making a public goal: Jed and I will go to the temple on Thursday.

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Trent and Amelia said...

you are too funny with that title- I was bracing myself for a whole different type of post when I read the title. And that is too funny about the family who brought a gaming console to DI to play on their TVs. wow.
Last random comment of the day- I am glad you posted about Sam's club because I almost forgot about the Costco trip. 8 o'clock, right?