Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Memoirs

We went to a white elephant party on Saturday at Seth & Megan's house. Jed ended up with the present he wanted (an electronic key chain that has a bunch of different games on it like Sudoku and others) and I got a book called It's Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy by Michael Abrashoff. It's a best-seller and it looked like a good read from what I saw when I flipped through it. If it doesn't turn out so great, I can always try to sell it on craigslist. :) Oh! And we got rid of the shower head! Woo!
After the white elephant game, we played a bunch of games that I had never played before, most of them revolving around names. They were super fun for a while. And then my head started hurting because the games were mentally straining. We played pictionary and my team rocked! We won two out of three rounds!

Yesterday was full of baking! I made rolls from scratch...I had to use the recipe from the cookbook we use for my cooking class, so they were nowhere near as good as my mom's, but they still turned out well. I had never made bread/rolls, by myself, from scratch before. It's really time-consuming! I also made cocoa crispy treats, banana bread, and my (dad's) famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. No, I was not baking for us (even though we are eating the leftovers). We are still trying to be good and lose weight. Jed and I took the goodies around to some of our friends, and I caroled. It was fun to see everyone and catch up with them for a few minutes.


Seth and Megan said...

mmmm, and the goodies were so yummy too! I don't know when you guys came over!? it had to have been when I was snoozing ont he couch. Thank you, thank you.
Ah... and the shower head - yea, it's totally up, and our showers are totally amazing. I know you're laughing right now? Your hilarious white elephant gift is totally welcomed and loved in our shower, we've been wanting a new one for a while, the pressure is just... amazing. Merry Christmas!

cornnut32 said...

hahaha! you got rid of the shower head, and got something fantastic in its place. aren't you glad that's what you got at our party? you didn't have to go buy something else! woo!

Trent and Amelia said...

thanks soooo much for the treats! They were all very delicious, we gobbled them up quick. That was so nice of you and jed. Yall are the best :)

Laurel said...

nice picture of the book. is that so we can imagine you're taking advice from that guy? interesting... :)