Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I went to the OB/GYN this morning. He said that I have cysts (which I already knew) and I do in fact have PCOS. We will not be addressing the cysts at this time, but I will have to start taking a daily pill. He also said that it may take anywhere from six months to upwards of three years for my body to be ready to accept a pregnancy.

I am ok with this. Jed and I weren't even planning on starting to try until around April of next year anyway.
The pill that I'll be starting is used not only for PCOS, but it is also prescribed for people with pre-diabetes (interesting, huh?). It helps with blood sugar and will also speed up my metabolism. Rock on! Killing two birds with one stone! So, really, I am ok with this. :)

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Barlow Fam said...

Wonder how much that stuff is on the black market?? :) Glad you're good and glad they can help!