Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Memoirs

On Friday, Jed and I had a fun date night. We went to Chipotle for dinner and then watched the Rangers cream the Yanks! We're going to the World Series!! Such an exciting game!

We woke up early on Saturday and went to help out with a service project. Our city and two other surrounding cities got together to clean up and beautify some homes in the area. The house we were working on was super close to our apartment, so Jed and I dropped our car off at home and walked there after we checked in.
Clouds started rolling in in the morning and we had some sporadic light rain, but we plowed through. We took down a fence and put up a new one, painted all of the trim of the house, planted a tree, and cleared out some brush and debris. Not five minutes after we finished securing the new fence, the winds picked up really strong and rain started pouring down. We scrambled to get all of the tools put away and then the sirens starting going off and we took off running toward home. Yes, I ran! I wouldn't have been able to run as far two weeks ago! :)
Anywho, we spent the rest of the day inside, watching the storm. It was a good day.

Yesterday was pretty low-key. I went and visited two women from church, then we went to church, then we went to choir, and then we had the missionaries over for dinner. I made my mom's tortilla soup. One of the missionaries doesn't like Mexican food or anything resembling it. Poor guy ate a whole huge bowl of it before he told me. :( 

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