Friday, October 1, 2010

Ali-Haps II

Here are some more Ali-Haps that my mom reminded me of:

*Going around the whole neighborhood with my wagon, picking up all of the newspapers off of other people's yards/porches, and bringing them home for my dad because I knew he liked to read the paper.
*"Washing" my dad's car with a brick.
*Throwing my mom's friend's car keys in our ivy bush because I liked her so much and didn't want her to go home. My mom tells me that they looked for over an hour for those keys.
*Cutting little slits in the upholstery of my dad's car with the cute little retractable blade I found in his glove box.
*Leaving crayons in my dad's back seat on purpose so that they would melt. (My dad's car took a beating from me.)
*Cutting my bangs up to the hairline because they were getting in my eyes too much.


Megan said...

AahhahHAHAHahaha - Now that was a GOOD laugh! I Love it!!! Hopefully it's not genetic?

Bill said...

I seem to remember something like you putting a golf ball or something like that in your dad's gas tank too.

Girly Winston said...

Nice, I cut my bangs too. They were pesky, who wouldn't?