Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Memoirs

Friday - We went camping! The Burkes stayed the night and the Cooks, Westesens, and Chad came up for the bonfire. It was really fun - we did foil dinners, s'mores, banana boats, and Erik even brought Dr. Pepper (my hero)! It rained a tiny bit for a few minutes, but our fire and table were under a big tree, so we barely felt it. :)

Saturday - We woke up around 8, packed up, and headed out. I came home, showered, and crashed for 3 hours. I woke up right as Hiedi's bridal shower was started, so I had to race over to Amanda's house. It was a fun shower.
Jed and I were going to go to Tucano's for lunch, but didn't feel like it, so I grabbed Chadder's on the way home. There was one person ahead of me when I got in the drive-thru (and they had already paid) and it took me over TEN MINUTES to get my food. In the drive-thru! It wasn't even busy! Maybe next time we'll go inside and it'll be faster.
We of course waited 30 minutes and then went swimming at Scera. ;) I had never been there before, but it was fun.

Sunday - We split the nursery, but we still had 8 kids. It ran a lot more smoothly this week.
When we got home, I realized we had just enough time to put a pizza in the oven before our home teacher came over. But I forgot about cooling time, so we decided just to turn the oven off and leave the pizza in there to keep it warm. Bad idea. Our home teachers were ten minutes late (enough time to cool and eat) and they stayed for 45 minutes! Our pizza was still kind of warm, but it was tough and chewy. No bueno. :(

Monday - I spent most of today cleaning and organizing my aunt and uncle's house for when they come back from Mexico on Friday (my uncle was a mission president down there). The people who were staying in their house while they were gone were supposed to be out like a month ago, but they were there when we showed up. They were cleaning the kitchen and re-staining the banister and things. Almost all of the stuff we were planning on doing (ie pulling things like mattresses out of the basement and setting them up in their bedrooms) couldn't be done because the carpet hadn't been cleaned and won't be cleaned until tomorrow... It was pretty frustrating.
Tonight Jed and I drove up to Squaw Peak and watched the sunset and then went to a park and watched a movie on a blanket - all Jed's idea. It was a great date!

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Jenny said...

What fun! Doug and I will be in Provo next week, maybe we can find some time amongst all of the reunion activities to go out to lunch with you guys. Are you going to be in town?