Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday Date Night

Last night I planned a surprise date night. I picked Jed up from work and we went to the pet store (one of Jed's favorite things to do - he would have been happy if that was the whole date). Then we went to dinner at Cafe Rio (yum!) and there was hardly any line (score!).

Then, the icing on the cake was that we went to see Wolverine! Jed's been dying to see it since it came out last week and even though we don't normally see movies in the full-price theaters (we're poor and we can usually wait for a couple weeks until it comes out on RedBox...), I figured it would be a fun treat. :) Oh PS - if you want a practically empty theater, go on Tuesday night! It was so nice!

Yay for date nights!


Seth and Megan said...

we saw Wolverine last night too!! We went to the new theater, at the 8:50 showing. LOVED it!!!! But what I loved even more was Seth's mom in town to pay for it ;)

I think it rocks you guys give each other suprise date nights - we gotta do that too!

caitlinhart said...

Jeff and I love to go to the pet store as well! Fun!