Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday Memoirs - Tuesday Edition :)

Friday - I made the most AMAZING, easy broccoli cheese soup I've ever tasted. Go to my recipe blog, here, for the recipe. :)
I picked Jed up from work and we headed out to the Great Salt Lake to take a handful of pictures on our way to a wedding reception for one of Jed's friends from home (Jake Hurst). We got to see a lot of our friends (whom we haven't seen in forever) - it was really nice.

Saturday - Jed played frizz in the morning while I did some things around the house (and missed the incredible $1 flip flop sale at Old Navy!).
We went out to lunch with the McDaniels and Hiedi an Zach at one of my favorite sandwich shops - Hickory Kist. It was good to visit with them and catch up on what they've been up to.
We went to Erik & Porch's wedding reception and made it just in time for them to leave. :\
After dinner, we went over to the McDaniels' house because all of the Hursts were staying there while they were in town for the weddings. I really like the Hurst family. They are all super nice and I feel like I've known them for years.
We went and got frozen custard at this really good place in Springville called Yummies.

Sunday - Worst. Day. Ever. Well, maybe not. But close.
Jed had to go in to work and couldn't come with me to church.
I woke up feeling sick, so I was just going to go to church and give the lesson in nursery and then leave right after that. I show up and the other couple isn't there and they didn't call any subs. So I'm alone with 10 kids. Yeah, 10. Luckily one of the dads went and told the primary president and she found me a couple to come and help. They were so nice and helpful and great with the kids, but I couldn't leave early like I had planned because they didn't know anything. Also, I took two of the girls to the bathroom and one of them peed on the floor and all over herself, and it inevitably got all over me too. Fabulous.
I read a little in my favorite book, A Tale of Two Cities, and fell asleep for 3 hours. When I woke up, Jed still wasn't home (it was an 8 hour shift), so I had some cereal and waited for him to get home. We didn't really do anything else that night.

Monday (Memorial Day) - After grocery shopping, we bummed around the house and Jed took a nap. Then we drove up to SLC and tossed around the football on the golf course by my Grams' house.
We drove to my aunt & uncle's house with Grams and met up with everyone for my uncle's 40th birthday (and Memorial Day)! The food was great, the company was fun, and we even got to see newborn birds in a nest in the front yard. :)


Jenny said...

I'm so jealous of you guys getting to see everyone! It sounds like it was quite the wedding weekend! That stinks about the nursery thing. I would feel pretty crappy after all of that too.

Alyssa said...

I love A Tale of Two Cities and I love Hickory Kist! You have very good taste :)

*john + cassie* said...

i feel left out for missing the weddings and i would have been there if i hadn't needed to see my husband so much. But you're right, the Hurst family is the best. You can't hate them ever and i know i'm so lucky to be part of the family. I love them.
As far as the nursery thing...i think that's the calling i hope i never get. but my luck it'll be my next one. haha.